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Gamer nut drugs girlfriend so he can keep playing video games

To Germany, where  the Local reports on the a 23-year-old man in the eastern German town who drugged his girlfriend so he could keep playing video games. He tells a court that his live-in lover had returned home after an 10-hour shift at work. She wanted peace and quiet and asked him to stop playing video games. So. He drugged her. He tells a court:

“I only put four or five drops into her tea.”

But when dhe headed to work the next day, the drugs were still working:

“I got up and drove to work although I was nodding off again and again.”

The judge fines the gamer €500 and tells him:

“Your girlfriend slept long and deeply, which didn’t harm her, but this is certainly a premeditated bodily harm.”

The felon is contrite:

“It was stupid, but now I’m on a straight path.”


Adding: “But the massive speeding hedgehog keeps attacking me.”


Posted: 9th, July 2015 | In: Reviews, Strange But True | Comment