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The ‘Guardian Class’ Want Video Games Rated For Sexism

In light of “Gamergate”, Sweden’s “government-funded innovation agency” Vinnova are looking at rating video games by their “sexist” content.
The Local catches up with one Vinnova “manager” who “said it was unclear at this stage if all video games produced in Sweden would be given a label, or if companies developing games that promoted equality would be given some kind of certification to use for their own marketing purposes… Video games can help us to create more diverse workplaces and can even change the way we think about things.”
Job done. We think you’re an idiot who treats people who play video games as fools. These people who play video games will not grow up believing all women are sexually available 2D bimbos. Just as the elite tell us that football fans’ speech must be controlled lest they race riot, gamers do not need re-educating.
Every aspect of our lives is being politicised. Unwinding with a video game is now a moral issue. Escapism is not allowed. Where once the fearful right condemend video nasties, acid house and comic books, the authoritarian left is now commanding:

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Hatred Presents The Most Joyously Violent Video Games Ever



THERE’S a bit of hubbub around a new video game that’s knocking about called ‘Hatred’. It is being hailed (or accused, if you prefer) as the most violent game ever.

Of course, fans of video games will roll their eyes at such a suggestion as there’s a whole host of gory splatterfests in the gaming canon.

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Are You Ready For Candy Crush, The Movie?

WE’VE entered a strange time for films. Films everyone can remember first time round are being remade, Ryan Reynolds is still getting work and, weirdest of all, films are being made based on toys.

Now, of course, action figures and the like have ended up on the silver screen, but the Rihanna-starring ‘Battleship’, based on a coordinates board game, flummoxed everyone. What next? Well, to save us all from a ‘what’s next – [insert ludicrous ‘Monkey Tennis’ idea here] joke’, we’ll cut to the chase.

Candy Crush, that’s what.

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Games Publishers Stick Up For Fans Against The Internet


THERE are a lot of companies who still don’t understand the value of fan-made tributes to their products. Prince takes all his stuff off YouTube as soon as he can and some movie studios get riled at clips of films been shown. However, one industry that really understands it is the world of gaming.

YouTube is awash with walkthroughs, compilation videos, nostalgia clips and more, all made by fans for fans. The gaming community understands that it is all free publicity and enables gamers to feel at one with the games they enjoy.

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NSA Are Spying On Gamers Too


THE National Security Agency have sent their grotty little tentacles into every corner of the globe, spying on us all in a bid to reassure us all that they’re fighting off terrorists. Even though most of us aren’t terrorists. And by a huge margin too.


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Hitman invites gamers to ‘murder’ and abuse women on Facebook

HEY, gamers. Square Enix are marketing their Hitman: Absolution game with the opportunity insult people on Facebook. The email declares: “SWUATE ENIX “WANTS YOU TO PUT A HIT ON YOUR FRIENDS.”

A hit? As in murder them?

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The Future Of Gaming, According To Bid TV: The Zone 100 Kills Your XBox, Wii And Christmas

THE  Xbox is over, the Wii has had its day.

Bid TV bring you the future of gaming. The Zone 100 is 100 of the biggest arcade games, apparently.

What will you play first? Seek the Resources, Mr Onion, Plumber, Magic Jelly?

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Terry Garrett Plays Video Games Very Well: He’s Blind

TERRY Garrett is a blind 23 year old mechanical engineering student from Colorado Springs  who plays video games. He can play Abe’s Exoddus. and win.

Enjoy the interview:

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The Laws Of Gaming: Call Of Duty: World At War And The Geneva Convention

EVAN Spencer wants to play “Call of Duty: World at War” on his games machine.

Dad Hugh Spencer replies:

“I’ve never really enjoyed first-person shooter games. They’re just not my favourite aesthetic.”

Even Spencer is in trouble. Evan Spencer has a dad who says, “They’re just not my favourite aesthetic.”

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CES 2009 – Emperor Workstation Gaming Unit – the coolest bit of tech ever?

Gamers watch and drool! With this unit, which has been unveiled at the CES gagdet-fest in Las Vegas, you get your own pod, three screens, a stonking surround sound system and the ability to customise the lights, seating position and much else. Cor!

Vid from TechDigest

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