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Indian gang rape lawyers are wrong to deny men’s justice

GANG rape is big news in India:

Lawyers at an Indian court hearing the case of a fatal gang-rape say they will refuse to defend the men accused of taking part in the brutal attack. The 23-year-old victim died in hospital at the weekend after 13-day struggle to survive injuries so grievous that part of her intestines had to be removed.

The medical student was allegedly raped and assaulted with an iron rod before being thrown from a speeding bus, along with her male companion.

Six men arrested over the attack have been charged with murder. Hearings are expected to begin on Thursday at the Saket district court in south New Delhi, where police will formally present a 1,000-page charge sheet against the men.

“We have decided that no lawyer will stand up to defend the rape accused as it would be immoral to defend the case,” said Sanjay Kumar, a lawyer and a member of the Saket District Bar Council.

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Posted: 2nd, January 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment (1)