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West Ham United’s Sam Allardyce Dances Gangnam Style (Video)

ANORAK presents West Ham manager Samuel Allardye dancing Gangnam Style before an episode on A League of Their Own


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Slavoj Žižek explains Gangnam Style

IS anyone still dancing Gangnam Style? Aren’t all the dancing dads now twerking at weddings and work Christmas parties? Slavoj Žižek is here to explain why you did the dance and now don’t at his University of Vermont talk on October 16th, 2012.

If you can’t watch it all, you can fast forward to Žižek’s Gangnam appraisal just after 35 minutes.


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Gangham Style caused Pope’s resignation

WHY did the Pope resign? He had no choice. It was destiny foretold in the Gangham Style Prophesy.

“I’m out of town today. I’m attending my niece’s wedding…”

And Denver Airport is stuffed with penises.

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The Sun says Gangnam Style killed Burnley man

WHEN Eamonn Kilbride passed away, the Lancashire Telegraph reported that the father-of-three collapsed and died at the Thwaites Brewery party at Whitehall Country Club, Darwen. He had been “dancing at his office Christmas party in front of his wife and work colleagues”. Grim. He was just 46. That’s sobering.

He succumbed to acute heart failure. His wife, Julie Kilbride, was celebrating her birthday at the same do.

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How the Hit Parade moved from phonograph needles, platters and sleaze to MP3s

SIXTY years ago, the first British singles chart – or “Hit Parade” as it was called – was published. It appeared in the New Musical Express, and it was a top twelve that contained fifteen platters, on account of the joint number sevens, joint number eights and joint number elevens. Al Martino was number one with Here In My Heart. Only one of the discs was available in the new-fangled 45-revolutions-per-minute 7-inch vinyl format; the rest came as easily-breakable shellac 78s, for which the term “smash hit” was all too apt.

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PSY speaks at the Oxford Union (Bernie Clifton might weep) – In photos

PSY, aka Park Jae Sang, the hottest pop star on planet Earth, it to address the Oxford Union. The South Korean singer of Gangnam Style will speak in English. At soem point everyone will do the dance. Boris Johnson danced Gangnam style with David Cameron at the Tory conference. China’s famous artist Ai Weiwei, the lads from Eton College and the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, have done it. PSY has been dancing Gangnam Syle for 12 years. He’s been riding an imaginary horse for 12 years. Bernie Clifton, who spent longer riding an ostrich, might weep:


Picture 1 of 11

Psy arrives at St Pancras station in London before travelling up to Oxford.

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Eton College does Gangnam Style

ETON College does Gangnam Style:


RAther Rum:

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