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Tabloids zoom in on ‘ashen-faced’ Gareth Bale

News that Gareth Bale’s “bother-in-law” has died is surely a shock for his loved ones. The Mail says Real Madrid and Wales footballer Bale and his fiancee Emma have been left “devastated” by a “suspected family suicide”. Emma’s sister’s partner Alexander Williams has been found dead.

Tastefully, the paper buys paparazzi photos to best illustrate Bale’s pain.



The Mirror is not far off invading Bale’s grief, using the same photo to ooze: “Real Madrid star Gareth Bale looks pained s he turns up for training after shock family death”.



Pathetic stuff.

And worth revisiting the Mail’s pledge of 8 September 1997, eight days after the death of Princess Diana:

“Mail leads the way in banning paparazzi pictures.

“Mail leads the way in banning paparazzi pictures.” Here are the opening paragraphs to the article below that heading:

“The proprietor of the Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and Evening Standard announced last night that his papers will not in future purchase pictures taken by paparazzi

Viscount Rothermere, chairman of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc said: ‘I am, and always have been, an admirer of Diana, Princess of Wales, and nagged my editors to protect her so far as they could against her powerful enemies.

In view of Earl Spencer’s strong words and my own sense of outrage, I have instructed my editors no ‘paparazzi’ pictures are to be purchased without my knowledge and consent.'”

Plus ca change, as they say in Paris, Madrid, London…

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Transfer balls: Bale to Manchester United for a fee that makes Neymar to PSG look cheap

The summer’s here and with it comes the usual news that Gareth Bale dreams of leaving the heat and glory of Real Madrid for life at Manchester United. Like everyone else, the Star hears Real Madrid president Florentino Perez state the current European champions have no intention of selling Bale, 28, to Manchester United or any other club. “He’s a Madrid player, he’s important for us and he’s one of the world’s best,” says Perez of the Welsh powerhouse bought from Spurs.

But the BBC tells its readers that “privately Perez has told Jose Mourinho that he would be willing to let the Welshman leave”. Got that? Perez told the Manchester United’s manager something in private and the BBC got wind of it. And so did the Daily Express, whose Jack Otway reveals beneath the headline “Real Madrid stunner: Man Utd given green light by Perez to sign Bale after private talks”, that his source is Diario Gol. Slap its story through the prism of Google Translate and you get:

José Mourinho has returned as best he knows to the press rooms: with his provocative instinct. In the previous one of the Supercopa of Europe, the Portuguese technician sent darts poisoned.

One of them went to Florentino Perez. Luso acknowledged that he would be willing to tackle the signing of Gareth Bale. Especially if he sees that his club does not have him.

Mourinho believes that Bale could not be indisputable in Real Madrid. In contrast, the Setubal would secure a place without hesitation in Manchester United.

The two sides have approached positions but lack consensus. A Bale something happens like what happened to Neymar : he wants a club where he is the leader.

Neymar could not be in Barça because he was Messi , and Bale can not be in Madrid while Cristiano Ronaldo. But the case of Welsh is different. The good moment of form of Isco and Marco Asensio make think that not even its site in the initial eleven is guaranteed. Everyone can not play.

That is the main asset of José Mourinho. The United coach wants to persuade him to change his mind. What was not expected was that Florentino entered the rag.

The president of Madrid wants to play and has recognized that if they are willing to pay what it is worth, “Bale is for sale “. The problem is that Neymar has already assessed the market price of Welsh.

Florentino paid 101 million euros for him and will not let him escape for less than 200 million euros. This is how PSG put things and that is what United should study . The cunning of Florentino, with much higher clauses than the Barça has, makes it unfeasible that nobody can pay Bale’s departure . Only a transfer will be negotiated.

In other words, Perez has apparently told Mourinho and Manchester United that if they love Bale so much they can make an offer starting at €200m for him. And they can forget about triggering any escape clause because Perez, the Real Madrid maestro, is no dummy like those negotiators at dread rivals Barcelona who allowed Neymar to slip away to PSG.

If that’s a green light, any drivers reading the Express fact sheet should proceed with extreme caution.


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Transfer balls: Bale joins Manchester United is a recurring fantasy

Transfer balls: questioned by Real Madrid’s official website, the club’s manager Zinedine Zidane was asked if Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo (the so-called ‘BBC’) were likely to remain.

“I hope the BBC stay for this season,” he replied. “I hope everyone remains. I want everyone who is here now to stay…but anything can happen right up until August 31.”

On the chance of Kylian Mbappe joining Real, Zidane added: “I’m the coach here and you’d have to ask someone else about that. We’re working on things and we’ll see what happens. We’ve got the players who are here now and we’ll just have to see what happens.”

All coy stuff, then. But stick it through the tabloid mincer and you get:


bale manchester united bale manchester united bale manchester united


That follows the Daily Express’s news of July 19 2017:

Real Madrid star Gareth Bale has secret agreement to join Man Utd next summer


And there was the Manchester Evening News story of May 8 2017:

Gareth Bale has agreed to join Jose Mourinho at Old Trafford next season, should the club be able to guarantee involvement in next season’s elite European competition by winning the Europa League .

The story of Bale to United is a familiar one. In November 2015, the Sun said Bale was heading to Old Trafford and Real were in “crisis”. Bale never came. Real went on to win the Champions League.


Such are the facts.

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Transfer Balls: Gareth Bale trapped in Manchester United news spin

gareth bale united fans


Transfer Balls spots this SEO-driven nonsense from the Daily Express, “the world’s greatest newspaper”.

Agent clears up Gareth Bale’s future with Man Utd ready to pounce

Charles Perrin fleshes out a headline more suggestive than a puppy sat next to a pile to poo:

Manchester United have been sniffing around the mercurial Welshman and reports emerged suggesting the Red Devils have lodged two £100million bids.

Reports like:

Man United News: Two £100m Bale bids, midfielder exit, winger medical delayed

That one was brought to you by the…Daily Express:


bale manchester united daily express


And there was the news – also in the Daily Express (May 21) – that Bale is desperate to leave Real (which he isn’t):

…the Wales winger…is expected to return to the Premier League this summer.

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Transfer balls: Gareth Bale joins Manchester United for £90m and Chelsea for £150m

Transfer Balls: So, how much is Gareth Bale worth to Manchester United, Manchester City and all the usual suspects lining up to buy the Real Madrid star?

The Daily Express says it’s £90m.

90m gareth bale daily express


That’s the same Daily Express who said Manchester United would buy Bale for £90m last January. They didn’t:


Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 20.10.35


Manchester United had best strike fast because that price is rising. It was £80m in the Daily Express a few weeks ago:


Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 20.13.43


And the Indy said it was £100m.


Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 20.16.22



Mind you, lsate last year the Mail said the figure for Bale was £120m:


Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 20.19.24



It was getting a bit pricey.

But then an oligarch stepped in to reinflate the fee. The Mirror reported that Cheslea will buy Bale for…£150m:


Screen shot 2015-03-26 at 20.21.31



Does anyone know how much Gareth Bale is worth?

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Gareth Bale talks about loving Arsenal, not doing things and KIen Follett

The Daily Mirror has transcribed Gareth Bale’s interview on Spanish radio. It wasn’t all that hard: Bale spoke in fluent English, throughout. The highlight picked out by all papers is that Bale used to enjoy watching Arsenal “a lot”. Bale, is, of course, a former Spurs player. But it’s no big shocker. Arsenal have played better and more succesful football than Spurs for so long their rivalry is largely the stuff of historical record.


For our money the highlights are these:

How are the Spanish classes going?

Well, I have classes two or three times a week and I understand more and talk more all the time.

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Transfer Balls: You Will Never Beleive Which Real Madrid Star Manchester United Are ‘Buying’

Gareth Bale Manchester United


TRANSFER Balls: Splendid balls in the Daily Star which links Manchester United with a move for Gareth Bale. Let’s take a look at how the Star’s scoop breaks down.

The headline is informative:

Man Utd FREE to sign Gareth Bale as Real Madrid reveal they are willing to sell

Real want to sell the superb Gareth Bale? The Metro puts a price on the deal:

Real Madrid happy to sell Gareth Bale to Manchester United in £90m transfer deal

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Bale & Ball: Real Madrid Star And Adidas Brazuca Crack Another Case Of Desperate Marketing



GARETH Bale scored a terrific goal last night to win the Copa Del Rey for Real Madrid. But he never thanked God, as many players do. Bale thanked the ball. He thanked the Adidas Brazuca for obeying his foot and not behaving like a beach ball on a windy day on a Bridlington beach.

The former Spurs and Southampton man tweeted:

“Luv u babe lol xx”


Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 13.25.00


And then the ball tweeted Bale back:


Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 13.25.06


Chris at Pies calls it “a brand spanking new low in the commercialisation of football”.

But is it. Football’s have gone out of fashion as objects of desire. Back in the days of pre-Premier League England, kids would gather round the Christmas tree as wonder what was inside that round parcel that wouldn’t sit still.  Was it a big black bomb from a comic? A giant fat-ball to hang above the bird bath? A soap-on-a-rope for Giant Haystacks?

No, it was a proper leather football.

Once upon a time a ball, like a dog, a football was a treat, an object of wonder what you nurtured for years. They cost an arm and a leg, and that wasn’t the half of it: when it rained they were heavy and hard enough to break the other arm and leg.

The Encyclopaedia of British Football summed up the impact of a regulation Size 5:

“On wet days the ball grew increasingly heavy as the leather soaked up large amounts of liquid. This, together with the lacing that protected the valve of the bladder, made heading the ball not only unpleasant but also painful and dangerous.”

Stan Cullis of Wolves and England was knocked out and seriously injured twice during matches as a result of heading the ball and having it fired into his face, and retired on the advice of doctors. Like many players of his era, he suffered dementia, often attributed to heading the old-style balls.

If there was no proper ball, children in the Sixties and Seventies made do with a plastic substitute. A youngster would have trouble getting a corner into the box using the leather ball, but these black-and-white plastic baubles would fly into the air at the slightest touch, making it impossible to score from any range further than three yards.

Better by far was the Wembley Trophy – a heavy orange ball with fake panels embossed upon it. It came in a special presentation box, and could do almost as much damage as a leather ball, especially on cold days, when it would sting the thighs, smash the testicles and bring tears to the eyes of any boys foolish enough to block its path.

Help was on its way. In the 1970s balls were coated with polyurethane to stop water retention. Today’s versions have a latex bladder and a synthetic leather casing, while Adidas World Cup balls are thermally bonded and machine-pressed.

They are soulless. But thanks to Bale, the football could once more be sold as part of the player. We’d investigate the ideal of Bale and the ball further, possibly though the Saturday morning comic strip Bale & Ball, available in all newspapers.

What’s that you say. No-one buys newspapers anymore?

Sounds like a job for Bale & Ball… Gareth! Crank up the maketingometer, it’s gonna be a long day!

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Spurs Balls: Selling Gareth Bale Sees Spurs Earn More Points Than Last Season



SPURS Balls: Helping us to decided which team is better than another are goals and league tables. Mindful of that we read Oliver Holt in the Daily Mirror:

“WHEN Gareth Bale was sold to Real Madrid for £86million, most people said it was a no-brainer. Tottenham had to take the money, they said. A few, including Gary Lineker, suggested it was never a good thing to sell your best player. Spurs’ current woes seem to be proving him right.”

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Is Former Spurs Star Gareth Bale A Cheating Foreigner In Spain (Like Liverpool’s Luis Suarez Is In England)?

IS former Spurs Star Gareth Bale recapturing the form that made him  a great in England? Yes. And no. He’s yet to score a stunning goal. But he is slipping around a little. Which makes us wonder: is the noble Briton now a cheating foreigner, like Liverpool’s Luis Suarez has been portrayed in England?

This is a snapshot of Bale reliving the glory days at White Hart Lane in Real Madrid’s match against Seville last night:

bale dive

Spotter: Pies

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Real Madrid’s official complaint letter to Spurs about Bale’s transfer

HOW’s Gareth Bale getting on in Real Madrid after his move from Spurs? Sources point us to “Real Madrid’s official complaint letter to Tottenham about Bale’s transfer”:



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Real Madrid ‘stole’ Spurs loving Gareth Bale from Manchester United

HOW’S Gareth Bale getting along since moving to Real Madrid from Spurs?

Well, Real’s president Florentino Perez says that he got Bale at a great price. Sure, it was €100m (£85.3m) but that’s a a steal. As he says:

“Bale has come cheaply. Signing the best players out there is Madrid’s philosophy and Bale was the best available player on the market this summer. We had been following him for two years. Tottenham did not want to sell. We learned that Manchester United had made an offer and we made one ourselves.”

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Spurs: Erik Thorstvedt gets AVB’s praise for bootlegging Garth Crooks’ Beatles and a dead Elvis

Garth Crooks, Manchester United

AT the end of August, former Spurs player and current Match of the Day pundit Garth Crooks opined that Gareth Bale will be no great loss to Tottenham:

“Spurs have sold Elvis and signed the Beatles. Of course, the players now have got to go out there and do the business this season. But Daniel really has done the business for the club this summer.”

Nice line. But while some of the Spurs newboys wonder who gets to be John Lennon and who gets to be Ringo Starr, others were ignoring Garth; like Express journalsit Matthew Dunn, who writes today:

The summer’s longest saga needed to be ended in one satisfying punchline. Somebody, somewhere, was bound to provide it, but who would have thought a Norwegian would? During an on–pitch interview at half–time, former Tottenham keeper Erik Thorstvedt said: “We have sold Elvis and bought the Beatles!”

But he’s not the only one not listening to Garth:

Andre Villas–Boas reddened visibly at the observation, as embarrassed by the compliment of the way he has reinvested Bale’s world–record fee in a number of talented stars as he was tickled by it. “Erik is very creative,” he chuckled. “I like it… it sounds good!”

Tonight, AVB, Garth Crooks is Pete Best…


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Man denies sex with sheep by Spurs training ground

IS nothing safe: volume 546c:

Highbury Corner magistrates’ calls Paul Lovel. It is alleged that he did try to perform a sexual act on a sheep and encourage it to perform one on him at a place close to Tottenham Hotspurs’ new training ground on Hotspur Way in Enfield.

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Real Madrid: media still portrays former Spurs star Gareth Bale of the trademarked fingers a simple lad

AND so it goes on, the media tale that former Spurs and Southampton FC player Gareth Bale – now working as the world’s costliest player at Real Madrid –  is a simple lad with simple ways.Today, Oliver Holt tells his Daily Mirror readers:

Bale is not a personality. He gets on with the game. Mostly, he shies away from the circus that surrounds it…

Is this the same Gareth Bale who has trademarked his fingers, who is the face of EA Sports’ FIFA 14, poses for fashion shoots and who tweets photos of himself talking up freebies:

bale twitter

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Gareth Bale: Real Madrid’s former Spurs man is scared of hugs

FORMER Spurs player Gareth Bale did not play in Wales defeat in Macedonia. The Real Madrid star did however make it on to the pitch, where he was involved in a “SCARE“.



There was grappling. There was “hassle“. It was “ugly“. There were “pitch invaders“.

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Bitter at Ozil’s move to Arsenal Spurs fans start petition because Real Madrid gave them loads of money

Welsh international soccer player Gareth Bale, his relatives, and Real Madrid President Florentino Perez pose during his official presentation at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain, Monday, Sept. 2, 2013 after signing for Real Madrid. The Spanish club announced Sunday that Bale has signed a six-year contract, and a person familiar with the deal said the fee was a world-record euro100 million ($132 million). (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

IN a not at all mental way, Tottenham Hotspur fans have launched one of those thoroughly useful petitions, calling for their club to end its “strategic partnership” with Real Madrid CF.

That’d be the same Real Madrid who gave Spurs £33million for Modric and £85million for Gareth Bale, the poor lambs.

Addressed to the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust, the petition reads:

“We, the devoted and loyal fans of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club are petitioning to end the ‘strategic partnership’ with Real Madrid Club de Futbol. Since we have agreed to form the partnership, Real Madrid C.F. have treated us and our players without respect including ‘tapping’ up Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. The transfer of Mezut Ozil to our top rivals in order to recoup money spent on Gareth Bale is the ultimate duplicitous action and we deserve a fair and mutual exchange between clubs rather than being treated as a feeder club. We ask that the ‘strategic partnership’ that we have not benefitted from be terminated.”

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Transfer Balls: Which man won big when Spurs sold Bale to Real Madrid? This one…

TRANSFER Balls: Who won when Spurs sold Gareth Bale to Real Madrid?

Gareth Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett tells the Daily Telegraph:

“I have been involved in some of the most difficult transfers you can possibly imagine over the years but this was the most rewarding one I have had the pleasure of negotiating.”

And 10% of 85 million agrees…

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Gareth Bale copyrights the two fingers he gave Spurs – photo

GARETH Bale is now a Real Madrid player.

How much did he leave Spurs for? No-one can say for certain. But it’s unlikely that at the end of his playing career he’ll be running a pub in the New Forest (but a stint on Strictly Come Dancing remains in negotiable).

Anyhow, he always wanted to be a Madrid player did Bale.

As he made a few hundred journalists reach for the bucket  by saying “I don’t think I need to help Cristiano [Ronaldo] to be the best player in the world because he already is”, a message flashed up on the screen at the Bernabeu:

bale real madrid shirt

Andrew Kilduff ‏@TuftyMUFC5h asks:” did he copyright them 2 fingers?”

Spotter: @RorySmithTimes:

PS – anyone got a picture of him in a Barcelona top?

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Transfer Balls: Gareth Bale leaves Spurs for world-record fee less than Real Madrid paid Manchester United for Ronaldo

bale £78m

THE Daily Bale: What are the facts behind Gareth Bale’s move from Spurs to Real Madrid? All reports says it’s a world record fee for a footballer, topping the £80m Real paid to get Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

So. How much is it?

Daily Mirror: “Madrid sign Spurs ace for £86m, and he’ll get £90m”

The Times: “The £85m man – Real agree £85.2m fee in world record”

BBC: “The Wales star has agreed a £300,000 per week, six-year deal after sealing an £85.3m…”

WalesOnline: “Gareth Bale to be unveiled by Real Madrid after world record £85m deal”

The Guardian: “Farewell to the €100m man”

The Indy: While Tottenham said they had been paid €100m for Bale – £86m  – sources in Spain described the fee as €90m, or £78m. “Gareth Bale agrees £97m Real Madrid deal”

Daily Mail: “Tottenham were offered a world record £101m for Bale,

The Mail the explains the confusion:

Bale not No 1: Real claim they’ve got £78m star ‘on the cheap’ to keep Ronaldo as top dog

What will the record books make of it?


How much will Bale earn at Real? “Gareth Bale is set to earn £310,000-a-week before tax at Real Madrid

The Times: “…put pen to paper on a six-year contract, worth £300,000-a-week before tax”

Daily Mail: “£250,000-a-week net”

The Guardian: “Forward sing’s six-year contract for £170,000-a-week


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Transfer Balls: Spurs’ Gareth Bale dresses as a pink dick to say goodbye in Madrid

bale1THE Daily Bale, a look at the Spurs star in the news:

The Sun, August 28:

“GARETH BALE has told pals his Tottenham career is over – and that is why he failed to turn up at training yesterday.”

That’s an “exclusive”.

The Sun, August 3, 2013:

“SPURS players asked Gareth Bale to autograph their shirts in an emotional farewell.”

So. Bale’s already said goodbye to his teammates a few weeks ago. Was that not a clue that he wouldn’t be training with them again?

Bale missed the friendlies against Monaco and Espanyol. He has also missed Premier league games against Crystal Palace and Swansea,and a Europa League tie against Dinamo Tbilisi. Why? Because he has a bad foot, so they say.

In other news, Spurs manager Andre Villas-Boas says he could fine Bale for his no-show:

“He is involved in a big transfer move to Real Madrid and in the end if it happens, we wish him all the best, but the fact that he hasn’t turned up is not the correct behaviour. That is the position [Bale] chose to take and it’s up to the club to decide if it’s a fineable offence. I gave the player the weekend off, Monday was a day off for the squad.”

That from the man who said the Spurs chairman has given him the “guarantee” that Bale would not be sold.

Photo: Bale dresses as a big phallus in Madrid.


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Transfer Balls: Spurs sell Bale to Madrid and AVB stuffs his guarantee

TRANSFER Balls: Is Gareth Bale leaving Spurs for Real Madrid? Yes.

The Telegraph says Bale is on his way to Real for £85m.

Barcelona’s manager, Gerardo Martino, says the fee is “a lack of respect to the world in general”.

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Spurs Balls: Arsenal and Liverpool in race for Gareth Bale

gareth bale

TRANSFER Balls: As Liverpool’s Luis Suarez agitates for a move to Arsenal and Spurs star Gareth Bale seeks the glamour of Real Madrid, we look at their replacements. When one player goes, the media look around for an identikit:


Daily Express: “Spurs want ‘new Gareth Bale’ Alvaro Morata included in Real deal for Welshman”

The Fighting Cock: “Andros Townsend: The Next Gareth Bale?”

The Guardian: “50-year-old Welsh wizard: the new Gareth Bale?”

Emirates 24/7: “Arsenal are looking to buy 20-year-old left-sider Acharaf Laazar, dubbed the ‘new Gareth Bale’.”

Liverpool “Alex Pritchard…’The next Gareth Bale'”

CaughtOffside: “Luke Shaw has been dubbed the ‘New Gareth Bale’”

IBT: “According the latest reports, North London-based Premiership side Arsenal are planning to make an offer for Italian Serie B side Varese’s young defender Acharaf Laazar who has been dubbed the new Gareth Bale”


Sabotage Times: “‘Gareth Bale: ‘I Want To Be The New David Beckham'”

RantSpots: “Tottenham Hotspur Star Gareth Bale May Be the New Cristiano Ronaldo”

More Bales Balls every day…


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Transfer Balls: Gareth Bale is not dead to Spurs and AVB is in denial

THE Daily Bale: what news of the Spurs star man in today’s papers?

The Daily Star leads with an “exclusive”:






Sounds serious:

The chilling message came in a telephone call to the Spurs training ground in Enfield, Middlesex, on Sunday around tea-time.

Did Bale pick up the phone?

Sources close to Bale have confirmed the threat was brief, and has been taken seriously.

At least it has been by the Daily Star.

The Wales star was not at the training ground when the call was made but it is understood security has been stepped up in the light of it.

So. An idiot made a crank call to the Spurs switchboard.

And Bale did turn up later:

Despite claims that Bale – who is becoming increasingly angry at his £105m move to the Bernabeu being blocked by chairman Daniel Levy – was ready to shun training this week, he did turn up yesterday.

On that £105m move, the Indy reports:

Transfer news: Tottenham insist Real Madrid striker Alvaro Morata must be included in £87m deal for Gareth Bale

Bale’s a lot cheaper in the Indy.

And in any case, Bale’s not for sale. As the Express reports:

Andre Villas-Boas insists the only talks between Tottenham and Real Madrid regarding Gareth Bale have been to tell the Spanish club he is not for sale.

And the Guardian:

“I think the rumours that anything is imminent are not true,” the Spurs manager said. “We’ve allowed ourselves conversations with Real Madrid, confirmed by their coach, I think, wrongly, but the only thing we’ve communicated is that the player is our player and not for sale.”

Back to the Indy, then:

Negotiations between Tottenham and Real Madrid over the sale of Gareth Bale have been stepped up in the past 24 hours, but with Spurs insisting on the inclusion of Spain’s Under-21 international Alvaro Morata in the proposed £87m transfer.

Daniel Levy, the Tottenham chairman, has made it clear in opening discussions with the Madrid board that he wants the highly rated striker included in the deal.

Looks like AVB is wrong. Unless you read the Huff Post:

Now Spurs will hold no further talks with Madrid until they increase their £80m/£83.6m/depending-on-which-paper-you-read’s-figure forGareth Bale, say the Telegraph.

H;s getting cheaper. And, once again, back in the Indy:

A meeting between Levy and Real Madrid’s president, Florentino Perez, is scheduled for this week in Florida.

In other news, Bale is no longer on Spurs’ Twitter page:

The image of Bale celebrating was being used as the background on the @SpursOfficial site.

Kyle Walker, Jan Vetonghen and now-departed Clint Dempsey also featured – but now Bale and Dempsey have been replaced by Moussa Dembele and Aaron Lennon.

All of whom, like Bale, are not for sale…

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Transfer Balls: Spurs sell Bale to Real Madrid £105 this year and £83m the next

THE DAILY BALE: How mich is the Spurs star being sold to Real Madrid for?

Today the Mirror topped the lot: £105m.




In other news today:

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