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Cameron Is Right: Of Course Gary Barlow Can Keep His Poxy OBE



SO. Gary Barlow’s been found to have “invested” in a tax avoidance scheme. So therefore there are cries that he should be stripped of his OBE, or hand it back himself. The very idea of which is bloody stupid.

For he’s not actually broken the law as yet. He’ll only do that if he doesn’t stump up the tax which HMRC now thinks is rightfully due.

 David Cameron today insisted it is not ‘necessary’ for Gary Barlow to be stripped of his OBE despite a court ruling the Take That star had invested in a massive tax avoidance scheme.

Barlow has been branded ‘unethical’ by one MP and faced a barrage of criticism on social media, but the Prime Minister insisted the singer had ‘done a huge amount for the country’ including raising money for charity.

Much as it pains me to say this Cameron is correct here. Even if not for the right reason.

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Gary Barlow Finds Twitter Q&A Session Rather Taxing

PA-17939756 (1)

SINCE Take That hung up their microphones after their last tour, Gary Barlow has kept himself busy by starring on TV as an X Factor judge. He’s also recorded a new album that sounds like Mumford & Sons, which caused hipster folk bands to create a giant pyre of fiddles and ukuleles.

So, to promote the new LP, he took to Twitter for a Q&A. A chance for Barlow to hear from his fans, right? Well, sadly for Gary, he found that most questions focused on one thing – tax avoidance.

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10 people who can replace Gary Barlow on the X Factor


SO, Gary Barlow is quitting The X Factor is he? Naturally, that’s the most exciting thing that’s actually happened during this year’s oddly tedious talent show.

After three years as a judge, he’s decided that he’s going to go back to being a singer and poking at the ivories and hopefully never, ever covering Smells Like Teen Spirit again.

He’s not been too amazing on the show itself. After all, he’s the arsehole that thrust Frankie Cocozza and Christopher Maloney in our faces.

It begs the question – who can replace Gary Barlow?

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Gary Barlow senses the Queen’s magic: Naff Diamond Jubilee tribute of the day

NAFF Diamond Jubilee tribute of the day: Take That Gary Barlow sees the light:

“Meeting the Queen . . . well, it’s not like meeting a normal person. She’s surrounded by this powerful aura, but it’s an aura that feels warm, good and nice. I’ve met some powerful people in my life and there’s often a darkness you get with power. Not with the Queen. You never get the feeling that she has abused her power.”

Arise Sir Gary….

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Tulisa’s X Factor Sex Session Shames Shagging Simon Cowell And Cocaine Taking Gary Barlow

DOUBTLESS inspired by Simon Cowell’s three-in-a-bed sex session, four budding bands have been booted off the X Factor.

Eight bands went with Tulisa to a her “Judges’ Houses sing-off” in Mykonos, Greece. The Daily Star reports on its front page:

But after just 48 hours on the island she hit the roof after discovering that some of the singers have been using their time abroad for raunchy sex sessions.

Says Tulisa, 23:

“If they’re just mucking about for fun to have a shag when they should be rehearsing, then I’m not into that at all.” The morning after, word leaked when some of the bands started gossiping and blabbed to the Daily Star about it.

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Gary Barlow Is Too Nasty And Not Nasty Enough, Says Daily Mail

HOW’s Justice Gary Barlow getting along on the X Factor bench?

Gary Barlow’s too boring to replace ‘Mr Nasty’ Simon Cowell on the X Factor… his criticism was not strong enough for fans missing Cowell, who had earned the nickname Mr Nasty Daily Mail, August 22, 2011

Simon who? It’s the return of the X Factor – and no-one seems to miss Mr Cowell as Gary Barlow steps into the role of Mr Nasty – Gary pledged: ‘I’m going to be tough, I’m going to be brutal. I think people’s perception of me is about to change.’ He certainly seemed to live up to his promise too – to show there’s no more Mr Nice Guy from the Take That veteranDaily Mail, August 21 2011

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Tulisa Gets Called A ‘Scumbag’ During X Factor Auditions (Video)

BOOMING voices and flashing lights! That’s what makes the X Factor impossible to turn over once you start watching it. It’s a cartoon version of an already horrific industry and we all huddle round in our ill-fitting clothes acting as executioners, waiting to boo and bray at anyone who has the audacity to stick their head above the parapet.

And while Cowell is still getting his tits rubbed in America, we’re all gearing up for the UK series which only has Louis Walsh left over from the original judging line-up.

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Louis Walsh Called Simon Cowell A ‘Fool’: It’s Like Chosing Between Illnesses

TAKING sides is never easy. However, as humans, we’re preprogrammed to do exactly that. Whether it’s football teams or pooh-sticks floating down a river, we need to back someone because without competitiveness in our lives, we’re nothing.

However, what do we do when both sides are equally odious? Step forward, the catfight that is Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell. On one hand, we have a coal eyed, man boobular, high-waist banded snark; the other, we have a camp lunatic who has never once introduced his brain to his mouth (like a little Lenny Henry, you might say).

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X Factor 2011: Gary Barlow Says ‘Take That’ To Dead Simon Cowell

SIMON Cowell is “DEAD”. Lest you doubt the veracity of that story, the Daily Star spells it out in big letters on its front page:


Of course, you know this to be an untruth. Firstly, when Cowell does die, it will be hard to tell. His face may not change. His eyelid may droop a little further. But the greater face and hair do not move. To all intents and purposes there is no outward sign of life.

An insider tells Anorak that he thought Cowell had died in 2008. In panic, stopping only to use the great man’s phone to text a TV contract offer to Rik Waller and shine his boots on Simon’ s head, our woman on the inside shouted for help. Minutes passed. No-one came. And then she heard a slurping noise. Cowell was licking his eyeballs. He was ALIVE!

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Cheryl Cole’s US X Factor Audition Tape: Nation’s Sweetheart Bombs In America

CHERLY Cole has been “AXED AGAIN”. No sooner has the UK version of the X Factor announced its judging panel (Gary Barlow, Zig ‘n’ Zag, Tulisa Contostavlos, Louis Walsh and Kelly Rowland) than the nation’s sweetheart is told she’s not wanted on the show’s US version. Maybe one of the UK’s judges will suddenly leave and Chezza will step in to save the day?

We are in the age of the Cheryl Cole conspiracy theory. While some are wondering how she managed to get on in the first place, others are wondering how she managed to get off. Anorak hears that Cowell was threatened by Grassy Knoll, a fabled FBI agent working in cahoots with the Bilderberg Group’s Illuminati divsion basded in Max Clifford’s suite at the Vatican.

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David Hasselhoff’s Sofa Bed News Of The Day: With Louis Spence And Gary Barlow

LOUIS Spence, the tush and teefs star of TV’s Pineapple Dance Studios, shares with heat readers news of his meeting with David Hasselhoff, the torso and teefs star of Baywatch and lately Britain’s Got Talent. When starring together in panto, The Hoff presented La Spence with a Christmas gift bag containing: “A David Hasselhoff bag, Hasselhoff CD, Hasselhoff calendar and signed Hasselhoff picture.”

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N-Dubz Tulisa To Take Dannii Minogue’s Place On X Factor

BRITAIN at large is transformed when The X Factor rolls into town. Basically, the whole country is carved up into two camps – those that hate the show and those that don’t watch it.

It’s all going to become more rampant too, as the show is being launched in the USofA who won’t know what’s bloody hit them once it all kicks off. American Idol is going to look like a gentle stroll through a tumbleweed factory by the first week of Simon Cowell’s dastardly, engrossing brainchild hitting the small screens.

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In Photos: Robbie Williams Back With Gary Barlow For Flintstones Reunion

ROBBIE Williams and Gary Barlow posed for our pictures at the BBC Radio 1 offices. They were in London to witness the first broadcast of the track Shame, which the reconciled artists recorded as a duet. This is the first time they collaborated in 15 years. They fell out after Williams left boyband Take That in 1995. But how time has changed them. They look old. They look really old. They look Stone Age old. It’s no longer Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow – it’s Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble. Aydaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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X Factor: Olly Murs Kisses Stacey Solomon And Lily Allen Throws Punch For Cheryl Cole

olly-murs-stacey-solomon1X FACTOR Watch: Olly Murs is dating Stacey Solomon while ogling Dannii Minogue’s bum, Cheryl Cole and Ashley’s nightmare and Lily Allen throws a punch for Cheryl Cole…

The X Factor round-up:

Daily Mirror (front page): “OLLY LOVES ME”

Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon are an item. So says the Mirror:

Their outrageous flirting has become the talk of the show – and everyone agrees they make a lovely couple. Especially after it was revealed that X Factor rivals Stacey Solomon, 19, and Olly Murs, 25, have just shared their first kiss.

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