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Gary Busey Wins Celebrity Big Brother: ‘Prophet Or Madman?’ Trading Card

GARY Busey has won the 2014 series of Celebrity Big Brother.

His trading cards is worth a look.
gary bussey trading cards



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Bankrupt Gary Busey down to his last two tambourines

TMZ reports that Gary Busey is almost broke. He’s filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, claiming to owe $508,600.96 in debt (including $451k to the tax man).

The site then lists Busey’s assets:  2 tvs, DVD player, old large tape recorder, small tape recorder, boom box, bookends, 50 hardback books, 100 compact discs, 300 VHS tapes, 100 DVDs, 200 cassette tapes, painting of an Indian, old bull’s head, 5 pairs of old moccasins, 2 small decorative teepees, 4 clay vases, Indian style bowls, small figurine of bald eagle, old bows and arrows, fabric strap with an attached eagle talon, beaded necklace with an attached arrowhead, broken pellet gun, Rollerblades, 2 old surf boards, boogie board, old mountain bike, old Nikon film camera, five guitars, two tambourines and his mum’s piano.

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Gary Busey’s Red Carpet CIA Horror Video

IT’S Hollywood actor Gary Busey on the red capret. The teeth. The eye. The fringe. The gurn. The teeth. Gawd! The teeth!!! Our interviewer takes a step back. And then things get interesting…

As our pal 14 puts it:

Whenever Gary Busey shows up to an event or agrees to an interview, you can expect an erratic tempest of nonsensical utterances, unsettling glares, unpredictable outbursts followed by bear hugs and then more unpredictable outbursts, and best of all, the spewing forth of didactic gibberish through a mouthful of clattering teeth.

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Billy Bob Thornton Presents The Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews Ever

ANORAK brings you the Most AWakwards celebroty interviews ever.

In 1963, the Irish writer Desmond Leslie – enraged by a nasty review of his wife’s latest play – was able to infiltrate the audience of David Frost’s studio discussion show, march up to offending reviewer Bernard Levin and land a superb left hook on his nose in front of 11 million viewers.

“Just a minute Mr Levin, this will only take a minute,” Leslie had said with impeccable politeness before unleashing a blow described by The Times as “the most public punch since Sonny Liston took the heavyweight title from Floyd Patterson”.

Billy Bob said he was upset because Ghomeshi referred to his acting career in the introduction to the interview. He said he’d told the producer to focus on the band and not mention his acting.

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