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The Celebrity Mugshot Gallery Because You’re Not Dead Yet: Pictures

ZSA Zsa Gabor, born Sári Gábor, is in ailing health. The media loves a newly dead or ill star – almost as much it  loves them being arrested. A great time, then, to look back at her celebrity mugshot. She was once pinched for slapping a policeman. The crime earned her three days in jail and chance to be famous for something other than being married nine times and appearing in such straight-to-bucket films as A Very Brady Sequel. Gabor enjoyed the fame resulting from her arrest. And other celebs, too, arguably, have had their careers improved by a spell with the police force. In this gallery you will see mughsots of such famous drunks, tossers, druggies, accused felons and fame whores as Lindsay Lohan, Hugh Grant, Al Pacino, Jane Fonda. Nick Nolte, Gary Coleman, Mel Gibson and Snoop Dogg. You don’t need to get arrested to remind Hollywood agents that you’re still alive and newsworthy – but it might help…


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Zsa Zsa Gabor

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Gary Coleman Is Cremated Without His Money

GARY Coleman has died and the tabloid press, having already screamed “MURDER”, will have a field day with news that he is being cremated. And there will be no funeral.

Gary Coleman ‘Murder’: The Unknown Intruder (Pictures)

The 42-year-old star of TV’s Diff’rent Strokes died after suffering a brain haemorrhage (oh, the irony).

Former Diff’rent Strokes star Gary Coleman will be cremated, but a funeral service will not take place. Why? Well, this is showbiz – it’s all about the money.

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Gary Coleman ‘Murder’: The Unknown Intruder (Pictures)

GARY Coleman, star of TV’s Diff’rent Strokes is dead, but there is no peace. Before the shock revelation that he might have been Michael Jcakson’s love child, news of his “murder”.

The Enquirer republishes that picture of Gary Coleman on his death bed. And the headline:


The article tells of Coleman’s “blood-spattered home”. An “expert” says the “blood spray patterns could indicate he was struck with a blunt object or shoved.”

Could it? The article doesn’t say if the blood is Coleman’s. But we can all speculate as to how blood got on wall.

Why A ‘Murdered’ Gary Coleman Is Good For Business: NSFW Pictures

“An enemy or thief could have snuck into his home, attacked him and staged the scene to look like an a accident.”

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RIP Gary Coleman: What You Talking ‘Bout Harpists (Life In Photos)

RIP Gary Coleman. You were Arnold Jackson in Diff’rent Strokes. You are now with the angels. “What you talking ‘bout Willis” That was your catchphrase. Now it’s “What you talking ‘bout harpists?”

Coleman died, aged 42, after suffering a brain haemorrhage.

Dana Plato who played Kimberly on the show, died in 1999.

Todd Bridges, who played Willis, “Says Wearing Diaper Was His Drug-Abuse Low Point”.

You know you’re getting old when your childhood TV stars die. You know you’re getting old when  haven’t seen the child star in anything for 24 years. Now he’s in a coffin and everyone wants him again…


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Gary Coleman Hates Whites

GARY Coleman is “not a violent person”, he just hates white people. What you talking about, Gary?

He’s on a film called Midgets v Mascots. He needs the money:

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Gary Coleman’s Car Overcompensates

GARY Coleman and his car…

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