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Gary Coleman ‘Murder’: The Unknown Intruder (Pictures)

GARY Coleman, star of TV’s Diff’rent Strokes is dead, but there is no peace. Before the shock revelation that he might have been Michael Jcakson’s love child, news of his “murder”.

The Enquirer republishes that picture of Gary Coleman on his death bed. And the headline:


The article tells of Coleman’s “blood-spattered home”. An “expert” says the “blood spray patterns could indicate he was struck with a blunt object or shoved.”

Could it? The article doesn’t say if the blood is Coleman’s. But we can all speculate as to how blood got on wall.

Why A ‘Murdered’ Gary Coleman Is Good For Business: NSFW Pictures

“An enemy or thief could have snuck into his home, attacked him and staged the scene to look like an a accident.”

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Posted: 15th, June 2010 | In: National Enquirer | Comment