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Alvin Stardust and the Jimmy Savile who might have been bald

“I WOULD have punched Jimmy Savile in the face.” So says Alvin Stardust, 1970s gloveman and stammering, nut-friendly songermesiter (Coo-Coo-caschew). The quote appears on the cover of OK! beside a photo of Alvin sat on a big whicker chair with his wife and daughter. This is an audience with the “legend” in Mauritius.

Alvin runs in the surf. He is dressed in white shirt and jeans. It matters not wher you are, getting jeans wet on the beach is a major faux pas. They shinks and are a bugger to peel off.

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Savile, Glitter, Starr, Rossiter, Phantom Flan Flinger and Tory in New BBC Show Witch Hunt

THE “New Sunday Herald leads with a wanter poster-style front page. Readers see a front page divided into a macabre version of Celebrity Squares. In the frames are:

Jimmy Savile (dead): alleged paedophile who fixed it for young girls and boys to be sexually molested and single-handedly ruined the small business in Jimmy Savile impersonators.

Gary Glitter: convicted paedophile alleged to have sex with a underage girl in Jimmy Savile’s BBC dressing room. He single-handedly ruined the small business in Gary Glitter impersonators.

Freddie Starr: aged entertainer who “ate my hamster”. Denies being paedo. Did wonders for business in Adolf Hitler impersonators.

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Find out what links Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile and John Peel

GARY Glitter has been arrested. Paul Gadd, for it is he, the paedo pop pariah, has been arrested by police investigating Jimmy Savile.

Gadd, 68, has, of course, already done time for sexual offences against children. Back in 2006, he was arrested in Vietnam in 2006 for child sex offences.

The copper from Operation Yewtree tells one and all:

“The man, from London, was arrested at approximately 0715 on suspicion of sexual offences. The individual falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed ‘Savile and others’.”

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Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter’s ‘untouchable’ BBC paedo gang

KARIN Ward says Jimmy Savile attacked her when she was 14. She has told ITV News the same story that she told Newsnight. The BBC’s Newsnight dropped the story.

Karin Ward tells ITV:

“At the BBC, I told Newsnight that I saw Gary Glitter have sex with a girl in Jimmy Savile’s dressing room…in that little alcove bit. I didn’t see it completely but that’s what was going on and nobody batted an eye-lid. I also told them that I was horribly, horribly humiliated.”

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Gary Glitter to star at Superbowl

GARY Glitter is to make a mint fro the Super Bowl. The social pariah and twitter twatter also known as Paul Gadd Paul Gadd, a convicted child abuser, is to hear a cover of his hit 1972 track Rock And Roll Part II played at this year’s Superbowl.

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Gary Glitter twitter jokes in full

GARY Glitter, the convicted paedophile, is on twitter. He’s planning a comeback tour. Peter Serafinowicz asks if his new book will be available as a PDF File. Others dust off the joke book and make the funny:

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Gary Glitter is rhyming slang for twitter: Paul Gadd’s comeback tour announced

GARY Glitter (Paul Gadd) is to make a comeback tour. No, not of villages and underage fleshpots in Vietnam and prisons. Gary Glitter is taking to the stage. Well so says a twitter account claiming to be relaying the official views of Gary Glitter, the man with conviction for possessing child pornography and having sex with children.

On twitter you can read of the account activated in June 2011:

“The official twitter of Gary Glitter. Managed and updated by me. King of rock & roll. 2012 comeback tour details coming here soon. Watch this space!”

London, Bristol and Birminghm are all semi-confirmed for the tour at the end of the year. I’ll confirm more info as it becomes certain

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Gary Glitter Roams, Prowls And Infects The Tabloids: Paedo Puts World On Alert

GARY Glitter is on the Mirror’s front page. The headline declares:

“He’s back again”

And he has been away. Glitter’s music is not played over the airwaves, and you’d no more belt I Love You Love Me Love from the car stereo on the school run than you would dress up as The Leader for the Christmas party.

Before the convictions for paedophilia, Glitter had been a popular musician. Indeed the Mirror’s headline is pun on his hit song Hello, Hello, I’m Back Again, lyrics of which are overshadowed by his crimes:

Hello, Hello. It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back.
Hello, Hello. It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back.
Did you miss me, Yeah, while I was away, did you hang my picture on your wall
Did you kiss me, Yeah, every single day, although you couldn’t kiss me at all.
And did you love me, Yeah, like a good little girl,
Did you tell that naughty boy not to call, did you love me, Yeah, in your little world,
Although you couldn’t see me at all, although you couldn’t see me at all, Dance me Up!

The Mirror’s Tom Pettifor writes:

Charities last night spoke of their fears for children as pervert Gary Glitter was given the green light to roam the world.

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It’s OK To ‘Murder’ Gary Glitter And Watch Legalised Rape And Paedophilia

GARY Glitter is not dead. As you were mum and dads. The singer / convicted paedophile complained to Ofcom, the media watchdog, about his mock execution on the 2009 Channel 4 TV drama The Execution of Gary Glitter.

Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, lamented that anyone watching the show might conclude that he had committed “terrible” crimes that had gone unpunished. People can so soooo judgemental, readers. For shame.

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Gary Glitter Alert: Pop Paedo In Seabrook, Kent

GARY Glitter ALERT! Gary Glitter Alert! He is the“pop paedophile” Gary Glitter is in “the tiny seaside village of Seabrook”, Kent.

The Metro sounds the claxon.

Glitter ALERT!

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Gary Glitter Fan Club Look To Nick Clegg In Leadership Crisis

IT only took Gordon Brown five days to realise he had lost the election. But now he has worked it out, Nick Clegg Brown going is “a smooth transition towards a stable government that people deserve”.

We agree with Clegg.

Nick Clegg – Lol Clegzz

What this country needs in testing times is faceless leader, an unelected Prime Minister, a party that can’t decide what to do with itself let alone the country and a “progressive partnership” that makes room for all regional accents, Welsh speakers, the Free French, Bernie Clifton, people whose idea of progress is hanging onto power at all costs, a Japanese fighter living in a remote part of Guam, the leaderless Gary Glitter fan club, God and arranged by an elite claque who have never been voted for.

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Vatican Responds To Sex Cases By Clearing The Satantic Beatles

TOP news from the Vatican is that the Pope and the Catholic Church has forgiven John Lennon for saying in 1966 that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus“. The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano (in association with Choir Boy Enthusiast), says the Beatle’s music is “beautiful” and the mop tops represent “a precious jewel“.

14 Neglected Beatles’ Gems

The story goes:

“It’s true they took drugs, lived life to excess because of their success, even said they were bigger than Jesus and put out mysterious messages that were possibly even Satanic.”

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World’s Leading Paedophile Spotted In UK

gary-glitterGARY Glitter walks the land. But where is Gary Glitter? The News of the World knows. And it screams from its front page:

“MONSTER IN DISGUISE – We find Evil Glitter.”

This is investigative journalism at its finest – spotting a pop star who has already served time for child abuse.

And what is Glitter’s “evil” disguise – and mind, kids, this is The Glitter Monster, aka. The Leader, the fiend who stalks the land, his hooves clad in massive high heels enabling him to peer though your bedroom window at night?

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Child Predator Hands

FOR SALE – Child Predator Hands, a must have for all child predators.

Buy now and we’ll throw in a FREE Gary G-Litter Bin to store all your child predotor goods in!

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Gary Glitter Spotted With Plastic Bag

GARY Glitter is out there. He’s been spotted in South Lanarkshire, carrying a small child in a carrier bag in much the same manner as Paris Hilton and other jobbing celebs would carry a small dog.

Is this a new craze among our celebrity paedos? If it is, we alert them to the possible illegality of such actions.

And what of the dangers of suffocation? Do not try this at home.

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Liverpool Has A Brick With Gary Glitter’s Name On It

GARY Glitter’s name is on a brick, literally.

There it is outside the Cavern Club, on a wall in Liverpool, in plain site of kids, mums and kids with their mums.

Says Bob Wareing, Liverpool MP:

“The brick should be removed from the wall and destroyed – it is causing an outrage.”

Finding anyone to do the job won’t be easy. And then the builder needs to be a trustworthy sort who will not hand the brick to Glitter, perhaps via his car or house window (rego and address on application), nor use the sick brick in a housing estate, so letting entire families sleep on Gary Glitter.

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Gary Glitter Teaches GCSE Students How To Sparkle

GLITTER remains on open sale, Glitter bins lurk in our parks and on our pavements and now to compound the madness Gary Glitter is to be studied by GCSE students.

And not students of crime, rather students in music.

“OUTRAGE,” screams the Sun’s own leader. “OUTRAGE,” echoes the Mail. “OUTRAGE,” screams the chorus.

Readers see a list of songs approved for study by the Assessment and Qualification Alliance exam board.
Says one deputy headmaster – “a dad of two”:

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Kim Jong II Glitters With Health And Vigour: Proof

ANORAK’S man in the Koreas can confirm that North Korea’s 66-year-old supreme leader Kim Jong II is alive and well.

Rumours abound that newly released images of Leader No 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been in some way doctored.

One picture shows Kim Jong Not Il In The Slightest watching a game of football between no footballers.

Another image shows Mr Kim inspecting two military units. It can be studied after the jump.

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Surviving Gary Glitter’s Halloween Party

MEANWHILE, in the park…


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Hewlett Packard Unveil The Gary Glitter Touch Me PC

WHEN Gary Glitter took his computer to PC World, a new marketing opportunity arose.

But who would dare use Glitter to advertise their machines? Which PC manufacture would bring to market the slogan: “With an [insert brand name here] you never need to get it fixed”?

We’ve waited, but now the Sun brings news that Hewlett Packard are using Gary Glitter’s hit song Do You Wanna Touch Me? to promote a new touch screen model.

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Paedos For Halloween: Five Way To Survive The Night Of Terror

HALLOWEEN. Dust off those platform heels, fright wigs and flashing “LEADER!” headlights.

“… looking for their next victim. Is your child next? Call the University of Michigan Law School at … and ask them why their graduates want your children to be raped.”

Althouse writes:

There’s a new court decision blocking a state law that “prohibits ‘all Halloween-related contact with children’ and allows sexual offenders to leave their homes from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. only if they have ‘just cause,'” and Happyshooter, a commenter at Volokh Conspiracy, spins out a spoof of the sort of attack ads that are aimed at the judges who must stand for re-election.

Of course, they should have “Paedo” writ on their doors in flour and water.

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Boy Caught On Postman Pat’s Nose: Gary Glitter At Large

TO Northampton where a child is sat on Postman Pat’s reassuring lap.

No, no, gentle reader… Granted, Gary Glitter is at large, and, yes, he has taken to disguising his high hair beneath a bald wig and his tall heels in brogues. But this is not such a tale.

Although the child is in anger.

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Lily Cole Tries To Contact Gary Glitter

THE Daily Mail is wondering how it can republish that shot of Lily Cole dressed as schoolgirl and give readers another chance to cut it out and keep it as a sign of the sick times in which we live.

Allison Pearson steps into the breach:

The 20-year-old – who with her lanky frame and stunnedcod face looks like a mermaid put through a mangle – agreed to be photographed in pigtails, long white schoolgirl socks and with a pink teddy parked up her Henri Matisse. Factor in the translucent skin and cute snub nose, and Lily looks at least 12.

At leasts. Maybe, 19, or 20…

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Gary Glitter Banned From France And Spain

GARY Glitter has been banned from travelling to France and Spain.

A spokesman for HM Court Service says:

“On Thursday at Ashford Magistrates Court, in Kent, police applied for and were successful in an application to prevent Foreign Travel to France and Spain until 25 March 2009 by Mr Paul Gadd. Paul Gadd did not attend in person but was represented by Corker Binning Solicitors.”

Gary Glitter walks the land. He wears boots to see in your windows…

There Is No Escaping Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter’s Gonna Get You

Madeleine McCann: The Bill, Durham Police And Gary Glitter Is Paedos’ ‘Our Maddie’

Gary Glitter Walks The Land

How The Media Made Gary Glitter Appear And Disappear

Kim Jong-il And Gary Glitter Are Missing

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Madeleine McCann: Our Danny Baldwin And Using Maddie For PR

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

NEW ZEALAND HERALD: “TV Review: Out of the treacle comes trouble for everyone”

If anyone has wondered whatever happened to Coro’s cheeky cockney Danny Baldwin (Bradley Walsh), who went missing from the soap not long ago, here he is…

Where’s Our Danny?

“…playing a cheeky cockney in the missing-child drama Torn, which started on TV One last night.”

Any good?

When Torn screened in Britain a year ago, there was some debate over its merits because of the Madeleine McCann case.

With or without Our Maddie, it was dire… “it was like wading through treacle… Or like running up and down a beach in thick sand.”

PC WORLD (online): “Bungie accused of using Madeleine McCann case to promote Halo – ‘Maddie, where are you?’”

PC World… Isn’t that where Gary Glitter took his hard drive to?

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