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Walkers crisps endorses Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris in epic markting fail

Being the social media manager for Walker’s crisps is a doddle. Just get Gary Lineker to hold up a card and invite crisp enthusiasts to tweet a photo of their head which can be added to the former England footballer’s message. It would form a big Mexican Wave of crisp lovers. What could go wrong? Well, Walkers became endorsed by such lovelies as Osama bin Laden, Josef Fritzl and a bloke with a huge penis. And Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Fred West and more.


walkers wave fail lineker

walkers wave fail lineker

walkers wave fail lineker

walkers wave fail lineker

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Gary Lineker divorce: topless BBC presenter in Danielle love split

Sad news in the world of romance: BBC TV presenter and former England footballer Gary Lineker, 55, is no longer in love with his wife, the thrusting Danielle, 36. They have agreed a financial settlement “agreeable to both parties”, says a source in the Star.

The Star thought it important enough to appear on its front page, replacing news of a doctors’ striker with an advert-styled “Lineker divorces today”:




The Sun features the story on its Page 3, the place famously given over to topless stunnas. Phwaor – gerraloadofGaz!


lineker split


Gary – vital stats: 55-£200m-4kids – is available.

Danielle Linker, formerly Danielle Bux, is away.


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Transfer Balls: Gary Lineker wants the banks to close for deadline day

Gary Lineker shares his thoughts on football’s Transfer Deadline Day:


Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 11.49.05


Great idea, Gary. Only, Rob Hayward makes a good point:


Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 11.50.55


More transfer stuff over here…



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When sport gets dirty: the sports stars who urinated on the pitch

WHEN sport gets dirty


‘Wicketleaks’ – the story (leaked by two Australian journalists) that England cricketers urinated on the hallowed Oval square after an evening of victory celebration – has apparently been resolved by an apology from the players involved.

However, high-minded criticism heaped upon them by the likes of Shane Warne has focused on the idea that they have in some way ‘disrespected’ the sport in general and Oval’s tradition in particular. (This, remember is the ground that was until recently named the Foster’s Oval, after a commercially manufactured brand of Australian piss.)

But at least they, like Monty Panesar earlier in the month, did not perform their al fresco urination during the game itself. The same, sadly, cannot be said for exponents of less classy games.

David Fleming wrote the seminal article on sporting incontinence.

In it, he cites a survey by the Oklahoma Foundation for Digestive Research, which found that 72 per cent of conditioned athletes have suffered from lower-intestine distress.

And that’s without even considering the weak bladders.

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Brazil v England: the ten most interesting encounters

WITH the renovated Maracanã stadium reduced to well under half its previous capacity, and finally ruled safe for England’s match against Brazil – and with the record standing at 11 wins for Brazil, four for England, and nine draws – we look back at ten of the most interesting encounters…

1956: England 4-2 Brazil

Hungary may have thrashed England 6-3 and 7-1 a few years earlier, and England may have been unceremoniously dumped out of the 1954 World cup by the USA, but as far as most people were concerned, the Empire Stadium at Wembley was still the home of football.

This was Stanley Matthews’s day, and his domination of the legendary full-back Nilton Santos was probably the deciding factor in winning him the first Ballon d’Or. A notable achievement in itself, and even more so when one considers that he was 41 years old.

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Is Gary Lineker leaving Match of the Day?

THE BBC’s Match of the Day may never be the same again, as it is rumoured that Gary Lineker will be taking his creosote tan, despairing lack of buttons on his shirt and fixed-murderer grin away from Auntie and to pastures new.

Lineker’s contract with the BBC is due to end soon, and BT – which paid £788 million to air 38 premier league matches from 2013 to 2016 – is keen to have a big face represent the brand when it kicks off. And Lineker is deemed to have a face large enough. Must be the ears.

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Gary Lineker had less problem with lying tabloids when he worked for the Mail

WHEN the Daily Star read an interview Gary Lineker had conducted with Readers’ Digest it transcribed it as the front-page screamer: “Lineker: England team are losers.”

Lineker read that. He was outraged, taking to Twitter:

“Headline in tomorrow’s Daily Star is a disgrace. I never said ‘England team are losers’. Please change late editions. #outrageous”

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Marathon runner poos ar two-mile mark – Paula Radcliffe and Gary Lineker might nod

ANORAK spots Kelly James Ervin, of Devonshire Drive, Salisbury, Maryland. The Wicomico Bureau of Investigation spots him, too. The WBI has been called in by the people of Deer Harbour and Elk Creek to discover the source of human poo found on the area’s pavements.

Says Terry Webster of Salisbury:

“Three of my friends, we walk every morning and we started seeing it. It’s been a couple years now… The toilet paper was the key.”

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Margate Seagull Aims To Peck Out Crisp-Peddling Gary Lineker’s Eyes

WHO is the seagull stealing packets of Walker’s salt and vinegar crisps from  Margate’s C and S News? Shop manager Paul Heath, 48, says:
“The bird sticks his head around the corner and plucks the crisps off the shelf. For some unknown reason he only pinches Walker’s salt and vinegar crisps, nothing else. Punters in the pub opposite find it highly amusing watching the greedy blighter make off with my crisps. So I took them off the bottom two shelves which I thought would fox him. He went to the shelves and almost looked disgusted they weren’t there any more.

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BBC Spends £250,000 Moving Gary Lineker’s Coffee Table

THE National Audi Office tells us that the BBC spent £250,000 on its studio in Vienna for the Euro 2008 football championship because the original one did not afford a picturesque view of city.

It also had to be positioned just so to attract bolts of lightning to make the panel jolt into life. And what is sports broadcasting but long cutaway shots of buildings and blonde women in nylon tops? And what about those coffee tables. Magic stuff. But for now:

“For Euro 2008, the BBC was allocated space and facilities in the International Broadcasting Centre, some four miles from the centre of Vienna and without, in the BBC’s opinion, an editorially suitable camera shot of key buildings. The BBC therefore paid an additional £250,000 for the construction and operation of its local studio in Vienna, with a backdrop of the city skyline.”

The NAO says the BBC has “not done enough to demonstrate that its coverage provides the best possible value for money”.

And what did the BBC spend on celebrity presenters for just about every event? Dunno. But the NAO says in some things the fee for shoving a vaguely recognisable nodding head in front of the camera accounted for 20 per cent of the total coverage costs.

“[The BBC Trust] believes that in this case such aggregate disclosure, when combined with other information the Trust believes to be either in the public domain or potentially available, could constitute disclosure of talent fees for individuals, which would be in breach of the Data Protection Act.”

A BBC spokesman, sat on a panel with Will Young, Gary Lineker and Bagpuss says:

“There is no inference in the report whatsoever that the BBC has been ‘casual’ in the way that it spends licence fee money. Indeed, for the most part the BBC has delivered these events within budget and with appropriate staffing.”

It’s not casual. It was done with a lot of thought. Which is damning…

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Gary Lineker Marries Danielle Bux, Intimately

6387769GARY Lineker is married to Danielle Bux and you are invited to gaze upon the “two-day Italian Extravaganza” in Hello!. It is a “small and intimate dream” that the happy magazine is willing to share with anyone prepared to fork out £2.

Mother-of-one Danielle looks resplendent in a wedding dress as white as Simon Cowell’s teeth as we meet the couple in the grounds of the Hotel Caruso on Italy’s Amalfi coast.

Danielle’s signing on fee is a reported £250,000, which includes food and drinks for 80, a £400 civil ceremony, a cliff top blessing and a £9,000 wedding kit. And in case you think that’s steep, a local councillor called Luigi Apicella tells us that “there was nothing extravagant” about the do.

But amid the shots of Gary and Dani in a clinch, Hello! tells us that the couple refused to sell their wedding to the highest bidder. And it turns out that what we get are pictures of Danielle in a dress and Gary dressed informally without jacket or tie. Gary looks like the mini-cab driver delivering the bride to her big day.

It’s all very private for Danielle Bux, who “exclusively” revealed her wedding plans to OK! and told us that her daughter Ella “took to Gary immediately because he is so fantastic with children”.

At the do, DJ Spoony spun the CDs and footballers-turned-media-pundits Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen gave running commentaries on the proceedings before agreeing that both sides had performed well but there was still along way to go.

Danielle Bux is an underwear model…

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Lily Allen Watch, With Brad Pitt, Gary Lineker, P Diddy And Amy Winehouse

LILY Allen Watch: Anorak’s look at the day’s top/ most pointless celebrity news stories, with Gary Lineker, P Diddy, Brad Pitt and Amy Winehouse 

GARY LINEKER leads the way as a family man — completing his clan with a puppy.  The former England striker, 48, took the golden labrador on a Christmas stroll with fiancée DANIELLE BUX, 29 – Gordon Smart, The Sun

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