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Manchester United balls: Neville blames everyone but Mourinho for Manchester City’s rise

On Twitter, Gary Neville, Sky Sports’ one-man schedule filler, has been talking about how Manchester United’s dullsville team are not of football mercenary Jose Mourinho’s making. When not winning friends with his warm smile and gallant sportsmanship – Mourinho recently aimed his trademark bitchiness at United great Paul Scholes, opining, “It’s not Paul’s [Pogba’s] fault that he made much more money than Paul Scholes” – Mourinho is making do with an under-powered squad, says Gary Neville:



On United. We should be closer to City irrespective of their incredible run but City did have a better squad than United when Jose came in. The recruitment under LVG / DM all over the place. The club should be signing players that suit the values not being taken from one extreme to another by managers with differing principles. It’s a very costly exercise and means the waste is huge. The players signed by Jose are much better and more aligned to the club’s values. He should be supported in the TM with more players that meet the club ethic.

Compare and contrast those comments with what Neville told Sky Sports on August 14 2017:

You can’t just drop your expectation because they haven’t won it for a couple of years. They have to win the league. Mourinho has to win the league here. The money that’s been spent, his own personal expectations and what he’s always delivered has been titles, so I would say United have to approach this season to win the league.

I don’t think it’s good enough to say ‘they’re going to get back into fourth’. That isn’t an ambition when you’ve spent the money that’s been spent and amassed the players that Mourinho has now amassed.”

There is no excuse for Manchester United not to challenge for the league. That’s not putting pressure on the players or Jose Mourinho, but they have to challenge with the money that has been spent and the players that have been brought in.

The club’s values? Does anyone believe United under Mourinho are a swashbuckling, attacking side of verve and character – or ever will be?

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Manchester United pundits antagonise Liverpool

More on the news that when a Manchester United fan who hates Liverpool lays into a Liverpool player as part of his job as a Sky TV pundit, the Liverpool manager might get a tad miffed. And so it is that Jurgen Klopp thinks Gary Neville is a bit of a wally in his harsh criticism of Reds’ goalkeeper Loris Karius. For good measure, Gary’s brother Phil opined from the BBC sofas that Karius, who had spoken to the Press about Gary’s criticism, should “keep his mouth shut and do his job”.

“I don’t care what Gary Neville says,” said Karius in reply to a question from Mail journalist Ian Ladyman. “He was a top player, then was a manager for a short bit and now he is back to being an expert again.” Karius was making reference to Gary Neville’s failure as manager of Valencia, a team owned by the former Manchester United man’s mate.

Ladyman says Karius was “not animated or emotional”. He was “just being gown up”. Agreed. He came across well, refusing to hide after his howler had given Bournemouth victory over his side. Phil Neville was not neither measured nor insightful in his response. He simply told Karius to “shut up”. As punditry goes, Phil is very much in Gary’s shadow. Working in the media is about taking part in a conversation. Phil is advised to keep the chat alive rather than putting it in a bland box and sitting on the lid.

Says Klopp, “[Gary Neville] is not interested in helping a Liverpool player, I can imagine, but that makes the things he says not make more sense. He showed he struggled with the job to judge players when he was manager, so why do we let him talk about players on television? I don’t listen to them. Obviously the Neville brothers don’t like Liverpool, I have no problem with that and if they can cause bigger problems than we have already they have tried.”

The Press laps it up, making the row the lead sports story. “YOU FAILED SO SHUT IT,” thunders the Mirror’s back page. “KLOPP has POP,” puns the Mail’s. “Klopp has launched a double-blast at the Neville brothers,” says the Sun. “Angry Klopp blasts Neville,” says the Star.

And all the while the BBC and Sky celebrate good old fashioned journalism. “I am absolutely not interested in creating headlines so you can write what you want,” said Klopp. He isn’t. But Gary Neville is. And he’s making a grand job of it.


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Manchester United’s Gary Neville enjoys piling the pressure on Liverpool’s Karius

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville  – “I suppose it came from jealousy through my childhood – jealousy, hatred, passion for your own club. You don’t want them [Liverpool] to win anything” – has been criticising Loris Karius, the Liverpool goalkeeper. Neville – “I can’t stand Liverpool and everything to do with them” – says Karius “transmits anxiety”. According to Neville – in October 2006, he celebrated a Man United goal against Liverpool at Old Trafford by running up towards the away fans to celebrate wildly on his own –  Karius is untrustworthy and unreliable. “Karius] isn’t good enough,” says Gary Neville.

Karius heard the attack and thought it unfair. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Karius said of Neville: “He was a top player, then he was a manager for a short bit and now he is back to being an expert again… But he is always very critical. I think he does it to everyone. I just hope that when I do well he will comment on that. We will see in the future.”

Compared to Neville’s diatribe, Karius comes across as sober. But Neville can’t leave it there. He tweets: “‪My sincere apologies Karius. You’re right. A failed manager hasn’t a clue. I won’t copy your great fan, pundit and club legend again. ”

The “club legend” is Liverpool’s Jamie Carragher, who has also been critical of Karius, albeit in more measured tones. The difference between Carragher and Neville is that one pundit wants the best for Liverpool and one does not.

Karius’s errors are inevitable. The trick is to focus on what went wrong and seek to improve. Neville’s criticism comes across as kneejerk. It offers no scope for improvement only a wall of negativity. Neville has been a fine pundit, but might his dislike of Liverpool have clouded his view of the Liverpool goalkeeper to a degree that rather than investigating the cause he’s simply taking pleasure in the player’s mistakes and nerves? His sarcastic response to Karius’ response suggests as much.

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Is failed manager Gary Neville waiting for the Manchester United job?

Former England and Manchester United defender Gary Neville is moaning. Sacked by the La Liga club Valencia in March after less than four months in charge, Neville also lost his job as England assistant manager after their dismal showing at Euro 2016.

He tells Sky Sports, for whom he works as a pundit:

“The FA invested in me for four years. I’m the most experienced I’ve ever been yet you get chucked overboard. I’m only 41 years of age and you’re regarded as a failure and the reality of it is the investment has to come through defeat and victory.

“I’ve been to eight tournaments as a player, three as a coach, I’m probably the only English coach that’s managed in La Liga at a top four club in the last 15 to 20 years, even if it’s only for four months.”

Of course, Gary, having managed unsuccessfully at Valencia, a club owned by his mate – he left with the worst win percentage of any coach in the club’s La Liga history – and been part of a management team that turned out a poor England side – England 1, Iceland 2 – Neville could step down a league or two and hone his skills at a smaller club with ambition.

Or is he waiting for the United job to restore his credibility?

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How Neville Neville got his name (and what it means for Gary)

In a very good article on former Manchester United and England defender Gary Neville’s move to a top coaching role at Valencia, David Walsh shares an anecdote that shines a light on the former player’s stubborn will.

His late dad went by the name Neville Neville. You will have wondered at some point, “How could anyone do this?” Just after Neville was born the midwife walked into the room where mum and baby were bonding, picked up the chart and said, “Neville, that’s a nice name for a boy.” A great aunt of Gary’s was visiting and she immediately corrected the midwife’s mistake. “Oh, no, it’s not Neville. That’s his surname. Neville Neville? We can’t be having that.” But her niece, Gary’s grandmother, was affronted at the unintended slight. “Why not Neville Neville? I’ll call him what I want.” And so there you had it, Neville Neville.

Can Gary Neville’s defy the odds and succeed at Valenia? If he fails, you know it won’t be for want of effort…


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Gary Neville named next Manchester United and England boss

Gary Neville, aka Gary the Red, self-styled Robert De Niro look-alike, and the former Manchester United and England defender, has taken a management job at Valencia. The tabloids all lead with the news.

The Mirror calls him “One EL of a boss”. He will “REIGN in Spain”.

The paper’s David Kidd says the “temptation is the regard Gary Neville’s appointment at Valencia as merely an audition for the England or Manchester United job”. Well, consider that temptation accepted.

The back page of the, er, Mirror declares: “First stop Valencia then next stop..England.”


daily mirror neville gary


The Express says Gary Neville will be the next England boss:


daily express gary neville


The Mail says England could be next to Neville. And the Sun says The Valencia role is “audition for the Three Lions job”.

Now…if he can just win some matches…


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Manchester City Fan Noel Gallagher Signs Manchester United Irritant Gary Neville’s Guitar

FORMER Manchester United player Gary Neville asked celebrity Manchester City fan Noel Gallagher to sign his guitar.

Noel’s message to Red Nev reads:

Noel Gallagher guitar Gary Neville


Dear Gary,

How many caps have you got for England?

How many do you think you deserved?

I’ll tell you…


Lots of love, Noel Gallagher x



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Malawi wants Gary Neville but gets Madonna

Malawi Madonna

MALAWI welcomes you. But not Madonna. Says Malawi’s leader Joyce Banda

“It is worth making her aware that Malawi has hosted many international stars, including Chuck Norris, Bono, David James, Rio Ferdinand and Gary Neville, who have never demanded state attention or decorum despite their equally dazzling stature.”

Eat yer heart out, Madge:

Neville Neville, Your future’s immense,
Neville Neville, You play in defence,
Neville Neville, Like Jacko you’re bad,
Neville Neville, Is the name of your dad!

Photo: US performer Madonna, centre, tours the Mphandura orpahange near Lilongwe, Malawi, Friday April 5, 2013. Madonna, is spending her fourth day in the southern African country from where she adopted two children David Banda, right and Mercy James, left. 

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The Idiocy Of Gary Neville: Former Manchester United Stalwart Praises Wayne Rooney

CAN Gary Neville, formerly of Manchester United, talk sense in the Daily Mail – even with the help of sub-editors?

Neville is talking about England’s upcoming match against Spain.

My heart sunk as I watched Wayne Rooney being sent off against Montenegro on Friday night playing for England. But not for the same reason as most people watching the game, who will be talking about how he never learns and how he lets everyone down.

Don’t get me wrong, he can’t hide from the mistake and he was right to apologise in the dressing room afterwards.

Rooney did hide. He apologised to his team-mates in the dressing room – well away from the cameras and the fans.
When Germany’s Jürgen Kohler was once red-cared in his team’s losing match to Brazil, manager Berti Vogts made sure the player was alongside him at the post-match press conference. Kohler apologised to one and all. Rooney did not.

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Gary Neville Pundit Masterclass: Spurs Van Der Vaart Is A Cheat

TOTTENHAM Hotspur v Arsenal Quote of the Day – presented by Sky Sports’ Gary Neville on the oscasion of  Van der Vaart’s goal:

“He’s brought that down with his hand, but taking nothing away from him…”

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Quiet Ryan Giggs Overshadows Gobshite Gary Neville At Manchester United Testimonial

FUNNY isn’t it, that the testimonial for Gary Neville, a player derided by some fans, mostly not of his Manchester United, for being an outspoken gobsite, should have his testimonial overshadowed by Ryan Giggs, a quiet man named in Parliament as the married footballer exposed on Twitter as having an injunction over an alleged affair with reality TV star Imogen Thomas?

The meek shall inherit the headlines.

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Manchester United Star Says It With Shrubs

WHICH Manchester United has had a giant shrubbery (isn’t ‘shrubbery’ a lovely word) spelling out MUFC planted on an embankment outside his Bolton mansion?

Those of you who know Man Utd’s players well will get this straight away.

Answer after the click…

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