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Gay Pride London 2013 – in photos

gay pride 2013

GAY Pride London 2013 was an entertaining show. It’s better than the event’s equivalent in Moldova, where bigots attacked the parade. In St Petersburg, the soon-to-sanctioned Russian law banning “homosexual propaganda”, led to anti-gay activists lobbing stones at priders.

In London and elsewhere in the UK, anti-gay activists have slapped up stickers sporting the legend “gay free zone”. Below is written “AND FEAR ALLAH: VERILY ALLAH IS SEVERE IN PUNISHMENT [EMQ: 59:7]“.  In Uganda, plans to execute gays have been watered down, a bit. And Israeli MP said “homosexuals caused Israel’s last earthquake”.

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In photos: Brighton Gay Pride 2012

SATURDAY meant gay pride in Brighton – the 20th anniversary of the city’s Pride celebrations. There were no earthquakes. God made the sun shine:


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People take part in a parade, part of the Brighton Pride festival in Brighton, as the seaside city marked the 20th anniversary of its Pride celebrations today in typically flamboyant fashion as tens of thousands of people brought colour, noise and eccentricity to its streets.

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EDL, anti-facists and Gay Pride walk through Bristol – photos

TODAY in Bristol, fans of the English Defence League and the anti-fascist We are Bristol marched and took part in rallies in the city.  Bristol East Labour MP, Kerry McCarthy, told the BBC: “We don’t have that racial hatred or or conflict in this city. Hopefully after today [Saturday] EDL will be sent a very clear message we don’t want them in Bristol.” As those two side screamed, the gay pride march kicked off. One thing is certain: the British do love a good walk. PS – Anyone end up on the wrong march in error? And how long it it take before you noticed?


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EDL supporters gather before marching through Bristol.

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Gay Pride Parade London Pays Tribute Prince Albert of Monaco And Charlene Wittstock: Photos

ANORAK was among the revellers taking part in the annual Gay Pride parade in central London. Gay police were there? Gay sailors where there (who knew?). If you added some sun and camped it up a bit, this could have been another wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock


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Revellers take part in the annual Gay Pride parade, in central London.

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Gays Triple Bill: Paris Is Tres Gay Pride, New York Lets Gays Marry And Russia Breaks Gay Heads

GAY Pride. There were three big events for gays be proud of today: a Gay Pride walk through Paris – a place with fashion that is tres gay; 14 gay rights activists trying to hold an unsanctioned demonstration in St. Petersburg; and Governor Andrew Cuomo legalising gay marriage in New York. It is incredibly that a human being’s desire to do their own thing needs to be sanctioned by law. But there you have it. This is all about control – or the lack of it…

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Glasgow Gay Price Drenched In Unwanted Blood: In Pictures

HANIF Leylabi posed during a protest against the current UK Government ban on gay and bisexual men giving blood, ahead of the Glasgow’s Pride festival in George Square in Glasgow, Scotland. If you are bi-sexual or gay in the UK the National Blood Service does not want your blood. If you’ve even had one oral or anal sex adventure with a same sex partner, your blood is not wanted. If you are healthy and clean and gay, your blood is not wanted. It’s all to do with HIV. But if you don’t have HJIV, what then?

Would you accept blood from a homosexual?


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Participants during The Pride Glasgow parade as it arrives at George Square in Glasgow, Scotland.

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In Photos: Gay Pride At Pride Minister’s Drinks – No David Laws

WITH Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Prime Minister David Cameron to the Gay Pride reception in the garden at 10 Downing Street. No sign of David Laws. David Cameron tells the 200-odd guests he backed “equal rights and equal treatment”. Gay, straight, bi, onanistic – whatever… So long as you’re upper middle-class, you’re in. Pink gins for everyone!

Washington Examiner Hacks Schwab And Palmeri Go Gay Hunting In Washington DC: David Laws Should Worry

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