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Spurs and Newcastle United legend Gazza joins Twitter and everyone prays it won’t be a car wreck

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EVERYONE loves Paul Gascoigne. He was supremely talented but a wreck of a human. He’s brings out the older sibling in us all, where we want to cuddle him and fix him, fearful that he’s going about his life in a fashion which suggest he’s not long for this Earth.

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The Sun protects its own: Virginia Wheeler and John Kay are no Gazza and Shirlena

WHY did the Sun not report on Virginia Wheeler and John Kay (more on him here), the alleged subjects of the London Evening Standard’s story of March 6 entitled “Two Murdoch reporters feared to be in suicide bids”. The subjects were “two senior journalists at News International”.

The reporters appeared to try to take their own lives after the company turned over 300 million emails and internal papers to detectives investigating phone-hacking and alleged bribery of public officials. The journalists, whom the Standard has decided not to name, were checked into hospital at the expense of News International on the orders of Rupert Murdoch.

Grim news. The paper added:

The tragic developments happened after News Corp’s Management and Standards Commitee, a branch of the empire that reports directly to independent board directors in New York, passed evidence to Scotland Yard… The MSC’s co-operation with the police has triggered a civil war inside the Murdoch empire. Bosses at News International, its UK-newspaper subsidiary, are furious that the committee, headed by Lord Grabiner QC, has “sold journalists down the river”.

Reuters had more:

“People think that they’ve been thrown under a bus,” one News International employee told Reuters. “They’re beyond angry – there’s an utter sense of betrayal, not just with the organization but with a general lynch-mob hysteria.”

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Video Of A Drunk Paul Gascoigne Sobbing

7837664PAUL Gascoigne is the “GAZZ GUZZLER”, downing “six pints of Stella in 20 minutes”.

Gazza is a changed man. Half-time in the football was only 15 minutes, give a take a few if Manchester United are winning (more) or losing (less). He needs to quicken it up a bit…. The soccer legend, 42, got through more than 40 Stella Artois in 13 hours, sobbing he wanted to die.

The poor girl:

He also sent pretty student Jade Freeman, 20, texts vowing to get back in the England squad. She said: “He’s on a different planet. Without rehab he’ll be dead in 18 months.”

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