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Geert Wilders: Muslims ‘Burning In Hell’ And All Other Moderate Views

GEERT Wilders is in London. He’s in Westminster showing his anti-Islamic film, Fitna, at the House of Lords. Wilders is the Dutch far-right politician with designs on Hollywood. Anti-racism protesters arrive to scream that intolerance will not be tolerated. Members of the English Defence League scream that the English way of life – liberty, freedom and democracy – is under threat and anyone who says it isn’t can **** off. Wilders says Islam and democracy are “incompatible“.

Everyone has an opinion. Here is the pick of the best, and worst:

* Because unlike many opponents of mass immigration, he’s not a fascist or a racist – the British establishment would love Wilders to reveal himself to be another Nick Griffin or Jorg Haider, someone with lots of skeletons dressed in SS uniform in his closet, but he’s not. He’s just a normal mainstream conservative who sees, like many others, that the liberal establishment suffers from sort of groupthink madness when it comes to the subject of immigration.

As he said this week: “We’re going to take the Netherlands back from the leftist elite that coddles criminals and supports Islamisation.” Now if only David Cameron had said that last Sunday… – Ed West, Daily Telegraph

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