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Geeta Aulakh’s Murder Hijacked By Daily Mail’s ‘Asian’ Agenda

GEETA Aulakh was murdered on the instruction of her estranged husband Harpreet Aulakh, 32. She was a Hindu mother-of-two who wanted a divorce. He was a Sikh who did not. She was hacked to death on the street in Greenford, London.

Sher Singh, 19, struck the fatal blows. He was in the UK on a bogus student visa. Jaswant Dhillon, 30, acted as a lookout. All have been jailed for life.

When the story first broke, the Daily Mail saw not a woman murdered but an Asian woman. It duly gave air to the theory she’d been the victim of an “honour killing”. This was the headline:

“Honour killing theory as mother-of-two is found dumped in the street with her hand severed”

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Posted: 3rd, December 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment