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General Election 2010: Vote Tory For A Police State

cameron-3THE Tories are all set for power at the General Election. But aside from ending Gordon Brown’s stint as unelected leader, what does it mean? Anyone know? Old Holborn has a go at making sense of it:

A Prisoners Earnings to Be Taxed and the money used to fund Rape Crisis Centres

Fabian social control using the Tax system, how novel !

Strengthening Police stop and Search powers, and ‘grounding’ orders

The Police will love that, and abuse it the same way they did the Terrorism Act

Anybody caught carrying a knife should expect to go to jail

That’s me buggered then, I had better start practicing gnawing through stuff as an alternative to carrying a tool to do the job.

Allow Police to use surveillance powers in routine cases without need for authorisation

The Stasi Charter, the DDR did this they bugged and followed people and completedly missed the 1989 revolution. Do CCHQ not watch films like the ‘Lives of Others’ or read books like ‘1989, The Berlin Wall, My Part In Its Downfall’ by Peter Millar.

The Police will love this

Replace Police Authorities with Elected Police Commissioners.

No No No, Elected Chief Constables. In Swindon when the Authority said they were going to rip out speed cameras, the Chief Constable just said he was not accepting that, and would put more mobile units on the street. The Chief Constable should set out his Policing Priorities in his manifesto, not drafted by the likes of Jack Straw.


This crap comes out the same day the Met was chastised for allowing a taxi Driver sexually assault forty women, because they basically could not give a toss.


Image – Mark Wadsworth

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Election 2010: On Pakis And Coun Benson

IN the run-up to the General Election, you’d think Tories would know better than to behave like eveyone who doesn’t vote for them wants them to behave. Here’s “Coun Benson” and his “Pakis”:

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