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How many houses does it take to fill a Death Star?

WITH everyone currently going crazy over George Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney, and everyone going even more nuts for the Star Wars version of Angry Birds, there’s a very important question that needs asking: How many houses would you need to fill up the Death Star?

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Why Disney buying Star Wars & Co, is a good thing

NERDS, geeks, sci-fi nuts and nostalgia enthusiasts have been kicking through the air, swearing and cussing at the news of Disney’s new ownership of Star Wars. Disney, it seems, are going to spoil the Star Wars franchise and the rest of the Lucasfilm canon.

“Obviously I’ve been talking about retiring for several years now,” George Lucas said. “I wanted to get into sort of another stage of life where I’m not in the film business anymore, where I don’t have to run a corporation. It occurred to me one day that the perfect person to run the company was [Lucasfilm co-chair] Kathy [Kennedy]. It’s just such a perfect fit, and I felt that I really wanted to put the company somewhere in a larger entity that would protect it. Disney is a huge corporation; they have all kinds of capabilities and facilities. There’s a lot of strength to be gained by this.”

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Star Wars photos: George Lucas and his robots

THE Film Anorak goes back to look at Star Wars’ creator George Lucas and his robots.

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George Lucas: quitting movie making to make Howard The Duck: Strikes Back

BEECHAWAWA! Have you heard that George Lucas is quitting the movie industry?! Kinda. Of course, many of you could well be pleased to see the back of him thanks to his endless tinkering with the Star Wars franchise. Last year, everyone lost their bap when he decided to make Darth Vader shout “Nooooo!” at the climax of Return of the Jedi.

Some people pretty much saw that as Lucas deliberately trying to destroy a childhood or a million.

And now, in an upcoming issue of The New York Times Magazine, you’ll discover that George Lucas has decided enough is enough and fully intends to retire from making big-budget feature films, including and especially any more Star Wars flicks.

“Why would I make any more,” he says, “when everybody yells at you all the time and says what a terrible person you are?”

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George Lucas Isn’t Rich Enough Yet, Says Yoda Noodles Commercial

IF it wasn’t bad enough seeing Darth Vader flogging computers for PC World, Yoda’s in on the act now vending noodles to Japan.


It seems that George Lucas is absolutely desperate to annoy as many Star Wars fans as possible, tinkering with the old movies and re-releasing them with new, pointless segments and getting as many of the characters to star in as many commercials as possible.

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Cannes In Pictures: Carey Mulligan Blinded By Michael Douglas’s Lynx Effect

CAREY Mulligan and Michael Douglas stood shoulder-to-teeth at the screening of
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps at the Grand Auditorium Lumiere during the Cannes Film Festival. If money is an insomniac, it’s most likely it’s not to be trusted. Sleep depravation is a well known torture technique – a bit like listening to Douglas talking about his sex life. Mulligan would do well to keep her wits about her.and watch out for his flashing armpits – and his Lynx effect…


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Carey Mulligan and Michael Douglas depart after the screening of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps at the Grand Auditorium Lumiere during the Cannes Film Festival, France.

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