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George Osborne: me and useless Theresa May by Andrew Mitchell

osborne evening standard


In the Evening Standard, the London freesheet, news has moved on from a cat stuck up a tree in Neasden and bar openings to matters of national importance. There’s no time for investigations into local councils, social housing and iffy money – not when a former top Tory is talking to another former top Tory and about a current top Tory:

The pressure on Theresa May’s fragile leadership grew last night after she was reportedly described as “dead in the water” by a former Tory Cabinet minister.

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell is claimed to have said at a private dinner that the Prime Minister “couldn’t go on”, adding she had “lost her authority” and was “weak”.

Careful. Mitchell’s been in bother with quotes before. His words have even been put into song.

The serving MP is alleged to have made the comments on June 26, the day Mrs May struck a deal with the DUP to prop up her minority administration in Parliament.

You can read all about that in the newspaper edited by one George Osborne, who Theresa May sacked as Chancellor. Osborne’s the man who had he stuck around might have been in with a shout of being Prime Minister.

Spotter: Standard

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George Osborne takes second job as editor of free newspaper

Never let it be said that Tory MP George Osborne is not a man of the people. The former Chancellor has taken a second job as the editor of the London Evening Standard freesheet. You do what you can to make ends meet in the expensive capital city. And where better to learn the true meaning of austerity than in a newspaper office?

Anyhow, it’s big news for the man once rejected by the Times’s graduate recruitment scheme.


george osborne standard sex drugs


Osborne will keep his job as Conservative MP for Tatton while he oversees the newspaper, working out how many times the owner’s son, Evgeny Lebedev, can appear in it before readers notice and care.

Anyhow, it’s a big job editing a newspaper, whereas being an MP is obviously a doddle.

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Fake views: George Osborne on post-Brexit Protectionism

It’s not fake news – it’s just spin. In a story called ‘Project Fear is BACK’, the Mail spots former Chancellor and perpetual Remainer George Osborne warning that the UK leaving the European Union without trade deals would be the ‘biggest act of protectionism’ in British history.

Speaking at the British Chambers of Commerce annual conference in Westminster, Osborne opined:

“Let’s make sure that we go on doing trade with our biggest export market, otherwise withdrawing from the single market will be the biggest single act of protectionism in the history of the United Kingdom and no amount of trade deals with New Zealand are going to replace the trade that we do at the moment with our big European neighbours.”

What utter nonsense. Protectionism is about what you import not what you export.

If tariffs can be rebranded as protectionism, which is bad, why not allow free trade on goods traded with all countries? Mixing politics with trade is fraught with bias and agendas.

By way of an example as to how stupid things can get, the Economist told us:

FORD makes transit vans in Turkey, with passenger seats in the back. When the vans are shipped to America, the brand-new seats are immediately torn out and recycled.

Why? Because 46 years ago, Europe slapped tariffs on American chickens. America retaliated with a tax on European commercial vans.

To get round this, an American firm’s European factory adds passenger seats to its commercial vans so they can be classified as passenger vans, which attract a lower tariff. Then it trashes the seats once the vans are safely landed in Baltimore.

Sometimes the rules that make the least sense last the longest.

Unless you vote out of a trading bloc and trade the world as an open market.


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Poli-Pix: Ed Miliband is trusty in the Daily Mirror as George Osborne spits on your grave

Poli Pix: A look at how the tabloids portray our political masters.

Today the Mirror leads with a photograpah of Labour Party leader Ed Miliband looking even-toned, pert-haired, groomed and steady.


daily mirror


Inside and the Mirror has a phot of his arch enemy, Tory moneyman George Osborne, the plotting, sinister Tory is looking down as if into his own grave, or yours.


daily mirror 1


The Daily Star has only one poli-pix photo, and it’s of UKIP leader Nigel Farage beaming and grinning and joking and laughing. Ha-ha. Waddaguy!


nigel f


The Sun counters the Mirror’s images of trusty Ed Miliband with one of him looking flat-haired and gloomy. His eyes look up but only to hear the damning verdict from the judge: send the man down:


ed the sun


Inside and it’s no better for Ed, who appears to be a tad lopsided:


ed the sun 1


The Sun also has a photo of Osborne, who now, having kicked the Daily Mirror’s puppy to death, has rediscovered his love of life:



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One Direction Go After George Osborne And Tax Dodgers

IT is usually indie fans who mock the rest of music for not being ‘real’ or doing anything worthwhile, when funnily, it is usually their favourite bands who are the most guilty of giving nothing to the world.

While everyone looks to rock music for protest, everyone’s missed the small fact that pop and hip hop have been the prime champions of hitting out against injustice. Guitar bands complain about Spotify or illegal downloads, concerned only for what they’re owed while pop and rap support Justice For The 96, hit out against corrupt police, call bullshit on the way media portrays women, stands up against bullying and berates corrupt politicians.

The latest is One Direction, who have urged their army of fans to lobby the Chancellor to hold the UK’s international aid budget steady and go after those guilty of corporate tax avoidance.

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George Osborne’s Annual Christmas Party (With Geri Halliwell) – Photos

CHANCELLOR George Osborne mets Geri Halliwell at his annual Christmas party at No11 Downing Street in London. Rupert Grint was there, too. He;s the third wheel of the Harry Potter gang, tipped to be the next Dennis Waterman. He’s not quite made it.



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George Osborne’s £50m grant for better condoms

The team behind the wonder material graphene – developed at the University of Manchester in 2004 – has just got a big new commission: making condoms.

Graphene is strong, light, nearly transparent, and an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, qualities that have got it dubbed a supermaterial and tipped for use in airplane wings, internet cables and foldable computers. Chancellor George Osborne is a vocal fan, putting £50m into the department making it in 2011 and trumpeting the superthin layers of carbon as a bright new hope for British industry.

But that’s not all graphene is good for … some of the team working on it at Manchester have just landed a deal to make condoms out of it. 

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Men of the People: when pasty-faced politicians who pretended to be just like the rest of us fail

WHAT has George ‘lifelong Chelsea fan’ Osborne learned this week? That passing yourself off as a man of the people is trickier than it seems.


The Old Pauline has had his fingers burned before of course, after he adopted a Tony Blair style ‘mockney’ accent when speaking to ‘ordinary’ voters, and was rightly ridiculed for his presumptuousness.This week he tweeted a picture of himself burning the midnight oil with just a burger and fries for company. It has predictably came back to bite him on the arse, now that said snack has been revealed as a ‘posh’ burger costing just shy of ten quid.

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Did the police set up George Osborne’s disabled parking bay story?

Daily Mirror Geroge Osborne front pageWHEN George Osborne’s car was spotted in a disabled parking bay, restrictions were swift. The Daily Mirror told its readers it was the “Chancellor’s Shame”. It was “DESPICABLE“.

The car was parked in a restricted parking bay at the Magor M4 service station. The Chancellor was inside at McDonald’s.

Richard Hawkes, of the disability charity Scope says:

“They [the disabled] will see this as rubbing salt in their wounds. Many are already struggling to make ends meet, yet the chancellor’s response has been to cut vital financial support and squeeze local care budgets.”

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George Osborne wants house prices to remain in a bubble


THERE are bad budgets and then there are bad budgets. And this one is a true stinker in at least one respect. Osborne’s decided to try and pump up house prices. The simpleton fool:

A state-backed mortgage guarantee scheme worth £130billion will see the market flooded with 500,000 cheap loans.

The Government is to subsidise deposits and provide state backing for loans to help homebuyers get on the property ladder or move up.

But there were warnings that the scheme risks creating a house price bubble.

No, that last line is wrong, is too milquetoast.

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Papers react to George Osborne’s Autumn Statement

SO. How was Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement for you?


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Can George Osborne blame Jimmy Savile for his train debacle?

CAN George Osborne blame Jimmy Savile, the late BBC presenter for leading him astray?

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George Osborne tries to bunk First Class train fare on Virgin service

GEORGE Osborne’s little PR disaster. Grab a Gregg’s pastry and listen up:

Chancellor George Osborne did travel in first class on a standard class ticket today, Virgin Trains told ITV News. But Jim Rowe, a Virgin Trains spokesman, said Mr Osborne had no direct communication with Virgin Trains staff.

An officer from the Metropolitan Police, escorting the Chancellor, alerted the train manager in advance that Mr Osborne did not have the correct ticket, Mr Rowe said. Once on the train, the train manager informed the police officer that the Chancellor would have to pay an upgrade fare, a request which Mr Osborne’s aide initially refused.

But after asking for a second time, the Chancellor’s aide agreed that the extra £160 would indeed be paid.

Paying upfront is for plebs.

The story is, of course, all about class. You can’t blame Osborne for wanting a table and some privacy to help him work. Class. The word hangs like a dark cloud over the Tory Cabinet…

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Why George Osborne is screwing with updating benefits

WHY is George Osborne screwing with your benefits? Because he can, basically. But the how is more interesting:

If the move is implemented, many benefits would be frozen for two years, then rising only in line with average pay.

Leave aside the freeze for a moment. Concentrate on the average pay instead. The “only” part.

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Paralympics booing: George Osborne tells Chris ‘Hitler’ Brownbridge not to worry

TO the Paralympics, where Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt Hon George Gideon Oliver Osborne MP, is presenting medals at the 400m T38 victory ceremony. They love Gideon, really they do. It’s that tosser Chris Brownbridge from BMW they hate (so goes the missive from Tory Central Office).

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George Osborne doesn’t pay tippy toppy rate tax

GEORGE Osborne doesn’t pay the top rate of tax. Sounds about right.

His salary puts him close to it, yes. And then on top he’s got rental income plus possible dividends from shares in the family company (which, amusingly, I was offered a job in years ago).

The rental income will be pretty much offset by the mortgage interest relief he gets. No, you don’t get this on buying your own house any more, not if you live in it. But it’s obviously a business if you’re renting it out so you do indeed get to count the interest paid as a cost of doing business. There’s also the maintenance allowance. If I remember my own tax returns that’s 2% of capital value or something like that.

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The many orgasm faces of George Osborne

THE many orgasm faces of George Osborne – as not seen by anyone other than his wife ever (and no prostitutes nor members of the Bullingdon club)…


Spotters: @TomChivers, and TheMayCumFacesofGeorgeOsborne@Uponnothing


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George Osborne Proves Hanging About With Drugs-Dealing Prostitutes Does Not Harm Your Career

ABC has news on phone hacking, George Osborne and a prostitute. Rachael Brown writes:

Of all the mysteries surrounding the British phone hacking scandal, it is the claims from a dominatrix linking Britain’s now chancellor George Osborne to drug use, prostitution and political subterfuge that may be the most intriguing.

Where is the News of The World when you need it, eh?

Mr Osborne, 41, is a close friend of prime minister David Cameron from university and is currently Britain’s chancellor of the exchequer. He lives next door to Mr Cameron at 11 Downing Street.

You’ve got to like the “lives next door” part. It’s the well-appointed company house. Brown is over-egging her pudding. She also mentions the part that Osbourne is a former member of the Bullingdon Club, the pot-smoking, pot-tossing, rabble rousers whose graduates include shagging London Mayor Boris Johnson and reformed illegal cannabis puffer Prime Minister David Cameron.

We meet Natalie Rowe, “former madam of the Black Beauties escort agency“. She is also known as Jennifer Shackleton, “Miss Whiplash” or “Mistress Pain”.

Her boyfriend at the time was William Sinclair – a friend of Mr Osborne, and the descendent of one of the biggest landowners in the UK. The pair were members of Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club

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George Osborne Is A Riot 4 Austerity: All Views On Government’s Spending Cuts

GEORGE Osborne’s spending review is making headlines. Here’s what the experts and papers are saying:

The Green Dream Made Real

Time and again, liberal thinkers have told us that we must learn to live with less “stuff”, for the sake of our own sanity and for the good of the people-plagued planet. So don’t be fooled by their crocodile tears today – they laid the cultural foundation stones for this age of hardship.

These austerity hypocrites have short memories. This week, the Guardian’s George Monbiot wrote an angry piece about the Tory-led cuts agenda, claiming that it will help the rich and hurt the rest.

“When we stagger out of our shelters to assess the damage, we’ll discover that we have emerged into a different world, run for their benefit, not ours”, he said.

This is the same Monbiot who wrote a piece in 2007 titled ‘Bring on the recession’.

“I hope that the recession now being forecast by some economists materialises”, he said, because only a recession could give us “the time we need to prevent runaway climate change”.

A recession would hurt poor people, he acknowledged – but that was a price worth paying to halt out-of-control economic growth.

Inspired by Monbiot, in 2008 some deep greens kick-started a campaign called Riot 4 Austerity – which says it all. –  Brendan O’Neill

Al Qaeda Dunnit

Al Qaeda have this morning issued a new video in which they claim full responsibility for the devastating Spending Review which rocked the UK yesterday.

The video, which appears to have been put together in something of a hurry, shows several Al Qadea members reading from a list of measures they have claim to have imposed on the UK in a concerted attack on Western imperialism. – News Arse

The Worse Off Are…

However the Institute for Fiscal Studies has told Sky News the spending plans are “regressive” and a chart on page 98 of the official document reveals the bottom 10% of earners will lose the most money from the cuts.

Acting director Carl Emmerson said: “The Treasury’s own figures show the benefit cuts announced today will affect the bottom half more than the top half.

“The cuts to public sector spending will also affect the poorest half rather than the top half. Therefore, everything we have heard about so far indicates the measures are regressive.” – Sky News

Middle Is The New Lower

Households on incomes of £48,700 or more will lose an average of £10,000 during four years of austerity as the Coalition battles to wipe out an unprecedented budget deficit. – Mail

We Are Doomed!

The Chancellor of the Exchequer is taking people for fools if he believes the country will buy his spin that the deepest spending cuts in living memory are fair and unavoidable.

There’s nothing fair about hitting the least well-off hardest, persecuting the sick for being ill and the jobless for losing their jobs.
And there’s nothing unavoidable about ideologically-driven cuts which risk plunging Britain into a second recession. – Mirror

We Win!

In fact, Osborne’s declared road to fiscal sanity has already paid firm dividends in the drop in cost of government borrowing and enough economic confidence to see the creation of some 330,000 jobs this year so far. And the OBR forecasts that the private sector will create three jobs for every one cut in the private sector. – Fraser Nelson

The Plot

Shadow Chancellor Alan Johnson warned the cuts announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review could end up “stifling“ the economic recovery…

For some on the Government benches it was an “ideological objective,” he claimed.

The shadow chancellor acknowledged the “deficit has to be paid down” but said: “Today’s reckless gamble with people’s livelihoods runs the risk of stifling the fragile recovery.” – NeBusiness

George Knows

The back pocket has a history, of course. In his splendid The New MachiavelliJonathan Powell describes how Gordon Brown would also hold back a ‘hidden surprise’ in his Budgets designed to guarantee him Labour cheers when he sat down. “We knew Gordon would have ‘a back pocket’ to pay for that surprise somewhere within the spending limits, and Tony’s constant quest was to find it first and spend it on something else…We got so desperate in 2004 to find out what Gordon was up to that we refused to set a date for the spending round until he would tell us the content.” – Benedict Brogan

More views and news to follow…


Picture 1 of 17

Chancellor George Osborne is patted on the back by colleagues after delivering the Comprehensive Spending Review in the House of Commons, London.

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HM Government’s new opposition – the Mummy Bloggers

So forget Ed Miliband and those Lib Dems traditionalists who never liked the Tories anyhow. HM Government has a new opposition, and it is one that’s capable of scaring Cameron, Osborne and the Tory front bench to death. It is the mummy bloggers.

Cast you mind back before the election and you’ll remember how all the party leaders popped over to Mumsnet for a chat and a debate about their favourite biscuits. Now, threatened with losing their child benefits the mums have fought back.

According to this source – ‘Many of the UK mummy blogger community are stay-at-home mums, perhaps with two or more children, who are taking care of house and kids, or a single parent who is dependent on the additional help from the Government.’ Take away that child benefit and they’ll have a serious hole in their income.

At the forum Mumsnet they are absolutely livid.

All those cosy web chats mean nothing when you have comments like this

Bellbird: “The Conservatives are utterly bizarre to bring in this rule. They used to claim to be pro-choice for mothers. Now we seem to have none. They would like to divide and rule out the [stay at home mums] and the working mums! No, they won’t, will they sisters?

and there are already well over 1000 over comments mostly very negative.

Even the official blog of the British Mummy Bloggers social network rails at the unfairness of it all.

“Its simplistic (rather than means-tested) design creates situations in which two-earner families making £86K a year will keep their benefits while a single earner making more than £44K will lose it.”

So have Cameron and Osborne been handbagged already? Looks like it.

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David Miliband Misspells Diane Abbott’s Name As Dennis Skinner Reaches For Osborne’s Cocaine Line

EVERYONE is so excited about the Big One. No! Not the World Cup. No! Not Big Brother. No. this is the Labour Party leadership contest. Who do you want to lead the Labour Party?

Well, if you’re a Tory, you want pretty much any of them. Let’s take a look:

David Miliband: has a slightly lob-sided face. On the telly, people with lob-sided faces are always up to no good. Backs Diane Abbott on Twitter – oh, the dignity of office – by spelling her name wrong:

Gather John McDonnell pulled out. I’m going now to nominate Dianne myself. Encourage others to do the same.”

Ed Miliband: Wallace and Gromit life model who talks from the back of his tonsils.

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Baby George Osbourne’s New Tory Advert

IS that George Osbourne the Younger starring in a new Tory advert?



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Nigel Griffiths Packs Them In

NIGEL Griffiths MP (Labour) interjects to steal George Osborne’s thunder:

The Tories just packed the Commons debating chamber to win a vote to force the speaker to allow an emergency debate on the PBR tomorrow – something that Labour were resigned to, but keen to avoid since it has gone down like a plate of cold vomit with the public.

Nigel Griffiths jumped up after the vote on a point of order to the Speaker; “Is it in order for MPs to pile into chamber…” he began before being drowned out with laughter from all sides.

Mr Speaker: I wish they would pile in more often.

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George Osborne Creates Panic In Currency Markets: Update

GEORGE OSBORNE says sterling is to collapse.

– Keep talking Geroge – it’s working!

George Osborne is powerful man and the markets hang on his every word.

“Osborne defensive as markets brace for fall,” says the Guardian’s front-page headline.

“We are in danger, if the Government is not careful, of having a proper sterling collapse, a run on the pound,” he tells the Times…

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Getting Rid Of George Osborne

LABOUR aims to undemine George Osborne:

Tories face tough choices – and moving George Osborne is one of them – Iain Martin
Sadly, George Osborne should go – Janet Daley
Why we need Ken Clarke to take on Alistair Darling – Tracy Corrigan
David Cameron should replace George Osborne with Ken Clarke – Alex Singleton

But how do you unseat a man who has done so very little..?

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