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Adriana Ferreyr In Photos: Spurned Lover Sues George Soros For $50m

WE may never know what attracted the now 28-year-old Brazilain  actress Adriana Ferreyr to the multi-billionaire George Soros – but what we do know is that she is suing him for $50 million.

The former actress of Brazilian soap opera Marisol says her 80-year-old lover abused her by slapping jer across the face and placed his hands about her throat as they argued over a £1.9million flat at 30 East 85th Street she said he had promised to buy her and then didn’t. Her lawyer says that she did “all the leg work” and then he failed to cough up. That, says she, is “disrespectful”.

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Manchester City And Prince Harry In For Britney Spears Sex Tape

IT’S a Britney Spears sex tape.

Celebrity sex tape enthusiasts who want to see a mother-of-two having sex with an early-middle-aged Brummie can buy the goods for £5m.

What with the credit crunch, though, only the very few can afford to buy the tape, and it is believed it is being offered first to Manchester City, Prince Harry Baseball Cap and George Soros.

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The Useless Ban On Short Selling

MEGAN MCARDLE on the self-serving ban on short selling:

“Every time there’s a financial crisis, demagogues start criticising the short-sellers. . . . Successful shorts, like George Soros’ spectacular attack on the British pound, usually work because there is a real underlying issue (in that case, the British pound’s unsustainable peg to other EU currencies). If there’s no problem there, the shorts take a big bath. . . . Perhaps most importantly, while short selling is a problem for Morgan Stanley, and his shareholders, it is not the primary problem in this crisis. The problem is in the debt markets, not the equity markets: financial firms are finding it very, very difficult to roll over their paper. (More on this later). The ban on short-selling does nothing to combat this problem, and indeed, by shaking public confidence in the stock price, might push investors into being more conservative on the debt than they otherwise would be.”

It’s a market. Money is bought and sold. Selling short is legit…

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