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Georgia Davis hid Saddam Hussein’s WMDs and fat from her parents

 MORE on Georgia Davis, who stars in the lacklustre Sun on Sunday’s eat ‘n’ tell. The front-page headline has Davis saying:


Davis is her mother Lesley’s carer. If she can’t stand up, how the hell did she get the job?

The Sun’s Sharon Hendry is the woman on the fat beat. Having see her apparently working Davis like a ventriloquist works their dummy, Hendry tells her readers that the 63-stone teenager’s dad Arthur heard the youth cry out: “Mum, I can’t stand up.”

Arthur Treloar, 73, sobbed: “It breaks my heart. She was in so much pain. It’s all MY fault.”

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Georgia Davis is a one-woman fat and therapy industry

GEORGIA Davis is on the cover of the Daily Mirror. Yesterday we read how 63-stone Georgia was helped from her mother’s home in Aberdare a team of engineers, medics, scaffolders and firemen. The Sun counted a team of 40 rescuers. The Mirror’s Fleet Street Fox spotted 28. The Mail twisted on 30. The Mirror upped the count to 40. Then the Sun has come back with 50. The Sun wins.

Georgia, a registered carer for her mum, Lesley, tipped the scales at 33 stone when she was 15. The tabloids gave her the title ‘Britain’s Fattest Teenager’. Georgia took the media’s money and went to fat camp in the US. She lost half her body weight and then returned home to restart her diet of fat. She ate 13,000 calories a day. It must cost a fortune to feed Georgia Davis.

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