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Making The Brand: SS Georgina Baillie

HAD only Andrew Sachs just been in when Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross called?

Had only Sachs not been taking his granddaughter out to the shops for a packet of sweets, some new school shoes or a push on the swings, Ross and Brand would still be employed at the BBC.

Has Sachs got a mobile, sorry, a pocket phone? If so, can he leave his contact details with the BBC switch or work out how divert calls?

Brand and Ross’s call and grandpa’s technophobia have all been a terrible inconvenience to Ms Georgina Baillie, who is forced to put her equestrianism on hold and answer questions on her once private life in OK!.

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Posted: 5th, November 2008 | In: Celebrities | Comments (2)

Goodbye Kerry Katona, Stay in Touch Georgina Baillie

GOODBYE Kerry Katona.

After four years as OK!’s diarist, Kerry leaves the magazine to launch her own organ.

But before the first issue of Grope can reach the shelves, OK! wishes to say farewell to it’s employee with a few words and a few photos, the literal equivalent of a card that when opened plays the sound of a turkey being spit roasted Leicester City reserves.

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Headline Of The Week: Smith Attacked Over 42-Day Speech

THE BBC reports:

Smith Attacked Over 42-Day Speech

F*** me on a swing and call me Georgina Baillie. Bring back Russell Brand – his show only laststed a couple of hours. Maybe it’s the drugs..?

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