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Georgina Ray Is Jimmy Savile’s Daughter: The Joy Of Greasy Spoon Sex On A Rollercoaster

IS Georgina Ray, Jimmy Savile’s love child? The Sun say the woman with the straw blonde hair, shiny gold tracksuit and gibbery “arseabowt dat den” turn of phrase IS Savile’s daughter.

If she is, then who’s the mum? Is it:

Princess Diana?
Joan Collins?
David “Diddy’ Hamilton?

Georgina, of Cannock, Staffs, tells a “friend“, who tells the Sun:

“Jimmy Savile is my dad — my mum told me.”

It’s easy to believe Georgina. But Anorak sympathsies with the single mum who keen to inject a spot of pizazz into a fatherless child’s life points at the telly and says: “See him… He’s yer dad!”

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