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Brigitte Bardot sings for the man buried riding his Harley Davidson

The afterlife’s better with a Harley Davidson motorbike. When 84-year old Bill Standley of Mechanicsburg, Ohio, died he was buried in a plexiglass and wooden coffin sat astride his 1967 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. To complete the look, Bill wore a helmet, leather jacket and biker boots.




The Columbus Dispatch says Standley started to plan his funeral 18 years before he breathed his last. “This was his dream,” said one of his daughters, Dorothy Brown. “He was a one-of-a-kind.”

Of course, not everyone rides their Harley to the great hereafter. You can buy a used bike here.

But just in case Bill wasn’t one of a kind and you also want to be buried with your Harley, we’d like to recommend some music to be lowered into the underground garage by. It’s Serge Gainsbourg’s Harley Davidson, as recorded by avid biker Brigitte Bardot.


The cover for Bardot’s ‘Harley Davidson’ hit single written by Serge Gainsbourg


Brigitte Bardot posing on a yellow Harley-Davidson chopper built by Maurice Combalbert.

Brigitte Bardot posing on a yellow Harley-Davidson chopper built by Maurice Combalbert.


The song was sung by Serge Gainsbourg, Gerard Depardieu and Johnny Hallyday on French TV in 1980. And for reasons unexplained, Serge is astride astride a BMW. Maybe his glasses are just a tad too dark.



This post is sponsored by Jennings Harley Davidson.

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Gerard Depardieu’s Russian travelogue in photos

FRENCH actor Gerard Depardieu has relocated from France to Russia. It’s the ultimate celebrity travelogue. Stuff going down the Nile by boat with Joanna Lumley, traversing the Sahara with Ewan McGregor on a bike or Sue Johnston’s search for Shangri-La in Tibet. That charabanc of jobbing celebrities showing us the exotic through tourists’ eyes and the locals’ emotions has been smashed by Depardieu, who has set up home somewhere foreign and unusual. It turns out that the exotic and bizarre is not reached by Mylene Klass making a charity trip to the Philippines or Paul Merton buying a Pith helmet in India, but by a simple three-hour flight to Moscow.

How’s he getting along?

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Gerard Depardieu Decides To Take A Wazz On A Flight, Which Is Understandable

WHAT would you do if you really needed to go to the toilet, but you found yourself stuck on a plane that wasn’t moving? You’d ask a steward/ess if you could go to the ‘rest room’ for ‘a rest’ wouldn’t you?

What happens if that flight attendant say “Non.”

Well, if you are called Gerard Depardieu, you’d flop your old chap out and take a long, drunken piss in the aisle of the plane. That’s exactly what you’d do because that’s precisely what has happened on an Air France flight.

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