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German museum invites men to urinate into women’s mouths

TO Lüchow, Germany, where two urinals in the men’s toilet of a museum dedicated to the Rolling Stones are upsetting the women. Those Rolling Stone ceramic lips, designed by Dutch artist Meike van Schijndel, have no tongues.

Roda Armbruster is quoted in Der Spiegel:

“That’s discrimination against women. Why does it have to be a woman’s mouth? If it had been based on the emblem of the Stones with the tongue, it would have been OK. But the tongue’s been left out and they really looks like women’s mouths.”

No tongues in the men’s urinal. Just a big gaping mouth to urinate into. If Kim Kardashian did toilets…

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Posted: 2nd, February 2012 | In: The Consumer | Comments (6)