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How Gerry Rafferty’s Suicidal Sax Created Chris Moyles

GERRY Rafferty’s Baker Street: The song with a high suicide quotient…

63 is still a bit too young to die but not young enough to elicit self-worried scorn (as in: “That’s no age!”). Had Gerry Rafferty died at 61 or perhaps 59, reports would have used the word “untimely” or “premature”. But 63 is just inside the Anytime Now zone. And considering his prodigious boozing, 63 was not a bad age at all to pass away. That’s what we think without saying.

Another thought that goes unsaid is that Rafferty’s Baker Street helped kill off the Smashie and Nicey-type DJs that infected Radio One years ago. Once upon a time any random switch-on to the station risked yet more exposure to Baker Street’s “unforgettable sax line” whine.

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Gerry Rafferty RIP: Walking Champion Dies

GERRY Raffery, lead singer of Stealer’s Wheel, champion of urban rambling down Baker Street  has died. He was just 63. RIP. Take it away – this is a great song:

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