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Ghostbusters: First peek at new all-female Ghostbusters movie

The news Ghostbusters movie is an all-female affair. It’s going to be fan-tastic. Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray were at the top of their games when the first Ghostbusters film hit the big screens. But who needs them when you have a script like this?

Ghostbusters script



Spotter and scriptwriter: Sean Mullins



Posted: 1st, February 2015 | In: Film | Comment

Classic movies sing Ice Ice Baby

vanilla ice flm

LIKE classic movies? Like Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby? Of course you do. You’re not an idiot.

Well, how about both at the same time, with a fun mashup which gets Ghostbusters, Howard The Duck, Conan The Barbarian and more, rapping along to the famous hit?

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Dan Aykroyd Has 21,000 Bottles Of Vodka Stolen From Him

POOR old Dan Aykroyd. He’s currently mourning the loss of 21,000 bottles of vodka stolen from him. He was, apparently, planning on drinking them this weekend as well.

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