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Amazing Gif Of A Goblin Shark Gobbling A Big Fish

HOW the Goblin Shark got its name:

600-grey-goblin (1)







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Gif inventor and inventor of letter ‘g’ in pedantic row

gif jif

HAVE you ever jiffawed at a jif? The inventor of the Gif says the thing should be pronounced Jif.  Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format. That’s graphic not jraffic. But Steven Wilhite says the ‘G’ of Gif should be used like the G in Germany. Said Steven (pronounced. Ste-veen):

 “It is a soft ‘G’, pronounced ‘jif’. End of story.”

Of course jif is now known as cif.

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Gif of the Day – the tower dive into an Olympic pool

THIS is incredible (and pretty false):

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The Death of Cynicism – a gif

IS this Gif the death of cynicism? Or do you just want Spiderman to burst into life, and then the little kid to beat the sweet intestines out of him with that broom?

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