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Jack White: Bring Back The Clapometer At Gigs



NOTICED how there’s a lot of rock musicians complaining about the modern world lately? Like lunatics shouting at cars for being evil horseless carriages, spewing out Satan’s plume, they gripe and bitch about every modern development… apart from the ones that make them money.

And so, to Jack White – the most catholic musician in the universe – who has criticised people at gigs who spend more time on their mobile phones than watching the gig itself.

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Posted: 23rd, May 2014 | In: Music | Comment

David Brent To Play Live Shows


LIKE him or not, Ricky Gervais has managed to forge himself a career where he can do exactly as he pleases. Films? Sure. Children’s books? Done. Animations of podcasts he did ages ago? Fine. Making a star out of his mate by sending him on holiday? Remarkably, yes.

And now, Gervais has announced two David Brent concerts.

The comedian is going to get into his most famous character and appear on stage at London’s Hammersmith Apollo and Oxford New Theatre this May.

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Posted: 4th, March 2014 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Shaun Ryder Drops Happy Mondays Reunion Hint

BALDING, shuffling, pink-faced thirtysomethings REJOICE! Not only are The Stone Roses hauling their ample arses out to relive your youth in sweaty fields, but so are the Happy Mondays! Stella Artois shares rocket as a result while Longsight drug labs start churning out speckled Es in a bid to cash-in on this dreadful Madchester nostalgia trip!

Northside are still of no fixed talent.

Anyway, Shaun Ryder is dropped hints heavier than his mortgage bills that his ragtag band are making a comeback next year. Of course, they’ve done the reunion thing on countless occasions already, but why should that stop Ryder and his new, eerie Hollywood teeth?

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Posted: 12th, December 2011 | In: Music | Comment (1)

Amy Winehouse Goes Back To Rehab – Again

REMEMBER the days when Amy Winehouse was famous for being a reasonably exciting singer? Alas, since then, she’s disappeared down a booze hole, leaving her career wide open for lesser acts to cash-in on. We’re looking at you Paloma Faith. And you Adele.

Yep, Winehouse only ever appears on the radar when she’s fallen over after a skinful or, briefly, re-emerged with some hilarious new breasts that looked like floating liquid in a space shuttle.

And now she’s in the news again and, predictably, it isn’t with talk of a new record, but rather, she’s off to rehab again.

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Posted: 27th, May 2011 | In: Music | Comment

Morrissey Talks About David Cameron, Like You Care

MORRISSEY, rock’s longest face, has refuted claims that he banned suet faced Prime Minister David Cameron from his dressing room at a concert.

The fact is, Mozza probably didn’t have to ban Cameron from his shows because the coalition leader will have no doubt been sneered at by bespectacled Smiths fans, all pathetically grazing his back with their well thumbed Morrissey scrapbooks, pomade and NHS hearing aids.

Seeing as Cameron is a Tory, he’s completely oblivious to criticism. You could call him the most unspeakable insult right to his puddingy head, and he’d spin it into some kind of discourse about something so tedious, that you’ll end up killing yourself at his feet, which he’d then use as encouragement to carrying the devastating cuts, as tribute to you.

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Posted: 21st, April 2011 | In: Music | Comment