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Gila Shalit speaks about Ahmed al-Jabari

GILAD  Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas. The Israeli spent five years in captivity. He was the only Israeli living in Gaza. He was freed on Oct. 18  2011. Israel swapped him for 1,027 Palestinians in Israeli prisons. Does he feel glad that the man who played a key role in his imprisonment, Ahmed al-Jabari, the Hamas military leader, was killed by the Israelis two weeks ago?

Der Spiegel asks him:

When asked about Gaza, he speaks quietly and hesitantly, struggling with almost every sentence. No, he says, he did not feel satisfaction when he heard about Jabari’s death, because he didn’t even know the man. “The killing has to stop,” he says. This is Shalit’s only message before his father interrupts the conversation. “The boy needs to be left alone,” says Noam Shalit. “Gilad isn’t a public figure.”

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One Palestinian Is Worth 20 Grams Of Israeli Soldier: Gilad Shalit Is Not An Arab

GILAD Shalit is free. He was swapped for lots of Palestinian prisoners, some of whom had murdered.

Here are a few views:

Faisal Al Qasim, Gulf News:

It is not a secret at all that the value of an Arab person in the stock-exchange of Arab regimes is sort of nil. He is as valueless as an onion’s peel. One should not expect of regimes which treat their downtrodden people like dirt by torturing and starving them inside their countries to care about an Arab captive in Israeli or other foreign jails. Thousands of Arab detainees have been held all over the world for decades legally or otherwise, and some of them died abroad unheard of. Hundreds of Arabs might disappear at one point outside their countries, and nobody would care an iota…

When will we see an Arab leader visiting the family of an Arab citizen arrested in Israel or somewhere else? When will we see an Arab official assuring a family that the government is doing its utmost to help secure the release of an Arab captive abroad as did Israeli prime ministers with Shalit’s family?

It is quite great to see over a thousand Palestinians released from Israeli prisons, but it is very sad that this huge number of detainees will be exchanged for a single Israeli soldier. Isn’t it very humiliating for all Arabs politically and morally?

It is no wonder at all that Israel is releasing a large number of Arabs for one person. It must have seen the Arab armies and security services opening fire randomly on Arab demonstrators as if they were a swarm of flies or a herd of livestock just because they went out clamouring for their basic rights. Have you ever seen an Israeli force shooting Israeli demonstrators with great ease? Of course not. In actual fact Israel sent its aircraft to Uganda years ago to help free Israeli citizens kidnapped by Palestinians there. And so, as long as we, Arabs, do not respect ourselves nobody will ever respect us, and we will always exchange thousands of Arabs for one single Israeli.

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Gilad Shalit: Hamas Release The One Jew In Gaza

GAZA is not occupied by Israel. There is only one Jews in Gaxa. This name: Gilad Shalit.

Five years after he was kidnapped in June 2006, Hamas will releases him in exhange for Israel releasing hundreds of prisoners.

This is the Israel of old: no-one gets left behind.

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