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I’m A Celebrity: Gino D’Acampo Is King Rat In Panto

gino-ratNO sooner has Gino D’Acampo placed upon his beneath the Jedward pineapple than the I’m A Celebrity King of the Jungle is attacked. D’Acampo has been charged with cruelty-to a rat – the one he killed and cooked in a risotto.

Gino D’Acampo is not only a king of a Blue Peter Garden, but so too a stalwart of BBC’s  shows, in which bags of shopping are turned into meals between Murder She Wrote and the GiggleBiz. Here’s D’Acampo turning a rat into tasty family meal. Think on, mum and the BBC. That Christmas turkey need not break the bank.

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Posted: 6th, December 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comments (3)

Peter Andre And Katie Price Shocker: Couple Agree On Marriage

katie-peter2PETER Andre is bored of talking about Katie Price and their failed marriage. As he told us:

“Isn’t everyone bored of talking about this? I know I am. You’ll notice in a lot of interviews, all that happens is I may just say how I’m feeling now. It comes to a point where you just don’t want to talk about it anymore. The whole thing is just too draining to think about, I just want to move on, talk about music, talk about kids, talk about life.”

Here’s Pete not talking about Katie Price in his New! Magazine column:

“I know everyone is desperate to know what I think of I’m A Celebrity this year, but I swear on my life I have not watched one episode.”

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Posted: 24th, November 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comment