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Neoliberal globalisation is making those exploited foreigners richer than us

MAKING people rich that is, that’s the justification for all this neoliberal globalisation stuff. And it works too: it’s just not us that are getting rich.

Nearly 1.7 billion people planet-wide live in countries where the average income per capita was above $10,000 in 2010. That’s above the average income in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium in 1960. And more than 3.5 billion people worldwide—around half the planet—live in countries with a 2010 average income of $6,000 or above according to the Penn Tables. That’s nearly as high as the GDP per capita of Italy in 1960 and above that of Ireland or Spain in the same year.

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Posted: 14th, August 2013 | In: Money | Comment