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Cosmetic Surgeon Allegedly Photoshopped Patients’ Faces On ‘Mounds And Mounds’ Of Porn Images

DR Peter Tlusty might well be a victim of nominative determinism. Dr T-lusty’s behaviour is the subject of a General Medical Council (GMC) tribunal. The man who once showed Telegraph readers his London home is accused of misconduct.

It is alleged that at the Belgravia Surgery treatment rooms, Mr TLusty kept a large stash of porn. The allegation details 6 filing cabinets filled with 132 dirty magazines and clippings. This is not all. It is also alleged that in the cabinets were folders with “hundreds of manipulated images of patients and surgery staff in X-rated poses“.

And…one more thing, M’lud. There were diaries, allegedly. These ledgers are said to have contained league tables of the staff and patients looks scored out of 10.

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Posted: 1st, December 2011 | In: Reviews | Comment