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Goddard Inquiry Day 1: therapy for society and Her Majesty’s lawyers coin it in

goddard sex buse inquiry


DAY 1: The inquiry into child sex abuse is go. Lowell Goddard has opened the hearing. We’ll be keeping track of the reporting – and of the number of dead people being dug up and beaten with sticks.

The Guardian:

Justice Lowell Goddard’s child sex abuse inquiry will name individuals and organisations it concludes were involved in abuse, and pass on allegations for police to investigate.Victims cannot choose to give evidence in the public hearings. The choice of witnesses will be made by the inquiry. No victim or survivor will be compelled to attend. Their participation will be voluntary.What if the police are one of the named organisations? What if the judiciary is one of the groups implicated? What of a right to reply for the named? What about looking at evidence before you name names in public? What about the dead?

It intends to search for patterns in the repeated failures that allowed serial offenders to exploit organisations working with children and will look at five key areas, including allegations of abuse by prominent people in public life.

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