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In 2010 Labour wooed the DUP and lost

Let’s have another look at Labour Party links to those “crackpots” at the pro-British DUP, the Northern Irish party that articulates a sense of discontent and dissatisfaction with Westminster and the Peace Protest. The DUP is the only mainstream party to oppose the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

The Boston Globe told its readers in 2003 that the Good Friday Agreement was “one of Bill Clinton’s foreign policy triumphs”. The DUP were ‘on the wrong side of histoy’.

Which bring us to WikiLeaks – yes, I know – which has published a cable it claims was sent to Hillary Clinton on May 7 2010. In it Sydney Blumenthal, an unofficial adviser to Ms Clinton, reportedly headlined the email to the then US Secretary of State “H: HERE IT IS! WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON. SID.” The sub-head added: “The Downing Street meeting today.”

Gordon [PM Gordon Brown] is doing whatever he can to hold on to power. Shaun [Northern Ireland secretary Shaun Woodward], for his part, is working on an economic package for Northern Ireland to win support from the DUP and other parties for Labour—a package to be proposed in the Queen’s Speech.

The DUP, those crackpots – albeit ones voted for in a free and legal election – were in the near past Labour’s great hope.

Spotter: Paul Gallagher

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You Janus: John Prescott demands ‘cheap publicity stunts’ to damage Theresa May

Compare and contrast former deputy prime minister John Prescott’s views on TV debates.


Sky's TV debate campaign is cheap publicity for Murdoch. Gordon can beat Cameron any day of the week. Doesn't need to go on Sky to prove it

September 2 2009:

“Sky’s TV debate campaign is cheap publicity for Murdoch. Gordon can beat Cameron any day of the week. Doesn’t need to go on Sky to prove it.”


john prescott tv debates may


April 17 2017:

Empty seat her.

Is Mr Prescott’s view altered by the fact that in 2009 uninspiring anointed Prime Minister Gordon Brown was a poor performer on live TV and Labour could only lose – but in 2017 uninspiring anointed Prime Minister Theresa May is a poor performer on live TV and Labour can only gain?



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Alan Sugar Might Be Mad You Know

This isn’t a definitive diagnosis just a potential indication that we might have a problem here. But it’s possible that Alan Sugar has just gone stark staring. He’s arguing that however bad Ed Miliboy is as a potential Prime Minister what we should really do is bring back Gordon Brown.

Yer wha’?

Celebrity Labour peer Lord Sugar has called for Ed Miliband to be replaced as party leader – by Gordon Brown.

The Apprentice star said Mr Brown had been handed a ‘bad deal’ after taking over as Prime Minister from Tony Blair in 2007 just before the economic crash.

Lord Sugar welcomed the former PM’s return to the Commons today – where he spearheaded the Labour’s opposition to Tory plans to ban Scottish MPs voting on English laws.

He added: ‘I wish he’d come back as leader of the Labour Party to be honest with you.’

He told Iain Dale’s LBC radio show: ‘He took over from Blair in 2008 or 2007 when the real problems in the world economy broke and he got the blame, as far as England is concerned.

‘It’s absolutely wrong. It wasn’t his fault.’

Well, that’s not actually quite right. For the deal between Brown and Blair was always that Blair would do the posturing and the leading and Brown would do all of the economics bit. And he was Chancellor right from that first election victory through to taking over aw Prime Minister. We can’t really let the Chancellor of the entire previous decade off the hook if the economy falls over now, can we?

But there’s something else about this: we’ve had Brown as Prime Minister, we’ve seen him operate as Prime Minister and when we had the opportunity to vote on it we said “No, ta, someone else please”. And it’s not for nothing that Guido Fawkes refers to him as the Prime Mentalist.

On the other hand we might be able to read some runes here. If Sugar knows all of this and still prefers Brown to the Miliboy then just how sodding bad does he think Miliband is then?

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We should be revolted that Gordon Brown’s Labour advocating shooting the plebs


HOW close did Gordon Brown come to setting the military on the people? In his book on his time with Brown, Damien McBride quotes the then Prime Minister fretting about the banking crisis:

“You don’t understand… If the banks are shutting their doors, and the cashpoints aren’t working, and people go to Tesco and their cards aren’t being accepted, the whole thing will just explode.  If you can’t buy food or petrol or medicine for your kids, people will just start breaking the windows and helping themselves. And as soon as people see that on TV, that’s the end, because everyone will think that’s OK now, that’s just what we all have to do. It’ll be anarchy. That’s what could happen tomorrow. I’m serious, I’m serious . . . We’d have to think: do we have curfews, do we put the Army on the streets, how do we get order back?

“I’d have to resign — but I couldn’t go if there was just carnage out there: someone would have to be in charge.”

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Gordon Brown Wakes From Rebekah Brook’s Slumber Party To Seek Revenge Over Rupert Murdoch’s Times, Sky And Sun

HAVING been able to legitimise buying up millions of copies of the News of The World, Guardian readers now learn that Gordon Brown fears his voicemail was hacked by News International workers. They allegedly accessed his bank account and his family’s medical records.

The key findings are:

• Scotland Yard has discovered references to both Brown and his wife, Sarah, in paperwork seized from Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator who specialised in phone hacking for the News of the World;

• Abbey National bank found evidence suggesting that a “blagger” acting for the Sunday Times on six occasions posed as Brown and gained details from his account;

• Brown’s London lawyers, Allen & Overy, were tricked into handing over details from his file by a conman working for the Sunday Times;

• Details from his infant son’s medical records were obtained by the Sun, who published a story about the child’s serious illness.

The News of The World is dead. Rupert Murdoch’s  Sun and Times are now in the firing line. It’s stinky suff. And 2e only hope that Brown gets his revenge, sorry,  justice:

Senior Labour figures also strongly suspect that a news organisation broke the law to obtain the emails that led to the resignation in April 2009 of Brown’s close aide Damian McBride. The emails, which disclosed a scheme to smear Tory MPs, had been exchanged between McBride and a Labour party activist, Derek Draper. The Labour figures believe that the emails were hacked from Draper’s computer and that their contents were then sent to the political blogger Guido Fawkes, whose stories were then followed by Fleet Street.

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Gordon Brown Is Hanged In Downing Street

THE portrait of Gordon Brown now hangs on wall on the second flight of stairs at Number 10 Downing Street. The face of the man who was Prime Minister – who  never led his party to a victory in a General Election – hangs just below Tony Blair’s portrait.

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The Top Ten Failed April Fool’s Jokes

DID you hear? The Daily Mail is right. We’re all dead already! Joke! April Fool.

Here are the Top Ten April Fool’s Joke Fails. Note: The jokes hereunder were misunderstood at the time and many people took them to be fact. Only now can we laugh.

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Gordon Brown Denies Being Yvette Cooper’s Dad

GO HOME Gordon Brown – and take me with you. No, Yvette, no. The country needs you. The years of pretending to be Ed Balls’ wife are behind you. We never believed it. Like Ed Balls’ wife would want to work with him. As if. Now you are free to run and play with your dad in Fife. Yeah, Fife. In Scotland. Or ‘Jockland’ as your Cockney mates at school call it. Sure, the Scots will slaughter you in the playground for your London accent, but you’ve dealt with worse…

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Sun Makes Up Headline To Bash Gordon Brown: No Change

CAN the Sun make up a headline to bash Gordon Brown? Madame Arcati investigates:

“10.7m Brits Don’t Work (Including the ex-Prime Minister who helped to put them there),” screeches a Sun headline on page 2. Really? Brown is still MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath on a basic annual salary of £64,857.85. As confirmed by the Sun on page 9. Goodness knows what Rupert makes of it all.

Oh, and Rupert’s authorisation that Brown f*cks off to run the IMF may be ignored.


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Gordon Brown’s First Day In Fife

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All The News And Views On Tarty Nick Clegg And Gordon Brown Quitting

THREE Prime Minsiters and one election fail – doo-dah, do-dah. News round-up:

David Blunkett:

“Can we trust the Liberal Democrats? They’re behaving like every harlot in history.”

Daily Star (front page): “SORT IT OUT YOU CLOWNS”

Stop thinking of yourselves & start running the country

Daily Mail (front page): ” SQUALID DAY FOR DEMOCRACY”

Brown quits but cyncially bids to keep Labour in power by guaranteeing two-faced Clegg voting reform

Daily Express (front page): “THIS SHABBY STITCH UP”

Brown quits so Labour can cling to power in sordid deal with Clegg

BRITAIN was last night facing rule by a “coalition of losers” as Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg edged towards a “sordid” political stitch-up.

Daily Mirror (front page): “FOR THE GREATER GORD…

Brown is “dignified

The Sun (front page): “GOING BROWN”

Chaos as Clegg flirts with Labour”

Andrew Sullivan:

That’s why one senses an epochal shift here. David Cameron has an agonizing choice to make – try for a minority government that will make all the tough and right decisions and get pummeled at the polls in six months; try to get an agreement with the Liberals without p.r.; fail to get a deal on p.r. and have Labour make it instead and form a short-term government with the Liberals and smaller parties and try again for a victory in a few months before p.r. can be installed; or risk allowing Labour and the Liberals to stitch up the system for the center-left for the indefinite future while in government together. I don’t know the inside details – no one seems to – but I’d almost rather hand this poisoned chalice to Clegg and Miliband and hope for the best in a few months’ time.

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Election Round-Up: Tarty Nick Clegg And The Politics Of Vanity Sold To A Dumb Public

GORDON Brown stands aside for pragmatic reasons – Clegg will not work with him. Nick Clegg talks to the Labour Party. The ITV news calls him a kingmaker. He isn’t. He just wants to look important. This is vanity, people. Nothing less.

David Cameron would do well to look principled and tell everyone else to sod off. If all the rest – the Labour losers, the LibDem big losers, the nationalists of Ireland, Wales and Scotland and a Green – are lumped together to form a Government of desperation, the Tories will look solid and the only viable option.

Who wants yet another unelected Prime Minister? Why, Nick Clegg and the Labour Party do. Tarts. This is how PR works, so say they who are against it.

You hear a constant dribble of how much the jobbing, entitled politicos are doing it for the country’s stability. If you snorted any harder you’d puke:

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Understatement Of The Year: Gordon Brown’s “Downbeat Month”

GORDON Brown – the Prime Minister who was never vote for twice; the PM exporting democracy on the point of a gun to the tribal masses in Afghanistan – is the cockoo in the nest. But what kind of a week has he had?

The PA’s Chris Moncrieff delivers the understatement of the year in headline form:

“A downbeat month for Gordon Brown.”


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Election News Round Up: Cameron Meets The Queen And Brown Stays

THE Election fail continues to entertain the media. And because all the hacks know now all about the country’s constitution, the laws and the deals, readers can get all the facts.

Daily Star (front page): “IT’S GORD RIDDANCE”

Con-Lib deal kicks Brown out of No 10

So, Gordon Brown has gone. Fact. It’s at times like these that we turn to the organ of historical record, like Automated Trader:

UK Election update: Talks between Tories and Lib Dems to continue today

Monarchists Seize Power: Prince Harry Gets His Wings In Pictures

The Telegraph rubs its chin and observes:

Five of the last seven American presidents have been left-handed, as well as David Cameron, the Conservative leader.

Such are the facts. Anyhow, back to Brown.

The Sun (front page): “BROWN MONDAY”

“Fears for £ as Gord hijacks Lib talks”

The pound is shafted, Right?

Forex Pros:

The pound rose against the U.S. dollar on Monday, erasing some of its recent losses after Britain’s Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties said they were close to agreeing on a deal that would allow David Cameron to take power.

Or as the Mail’s ridiculous Peter Oborne puts it:

As Britain wakes up this morning to financial markets in turmoil, the need for stability and strong government has seldom been greater.

And the need for decent journalism based on facts remains negligible, Peter?

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Election News Round-Up: Brown’s Requiem And Monarchy Rules

WHAT the Election of Britain’s Prime Minsiters means. The moanarchists are ready to seize power with Prince Harry at the helm. In the meanwhile, helping us to understand Banzai Brown and his mates are the newspaper columnists:

Monarchists Seize Power: Prince Harry Gets His Wings In Pictures

Ian Kirby (NOTW):

THE BROWN framily have already started house hunting in Edinburgh as Sarah Brown tries to prepare her husband for life beyond 10 Downing Street.

Vincent Moses (Mirror):

Gordon Brown and David Cameron battled for Nick Clegg’s support last night by offering him up to SIX seats in the Cabinet.

Ready for more facts?

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VE Day Pictures: Banzai Gordon Brown Digs In After The War Is Lost

THE Prime Minsters were all there at VE Day. Prime Minister Gordon Brown looked tanned as if he’d tumbled into a vat of Touche Éclat. Prime Minister Nick Clegg looked smaller than he does on the telly. And Prime Minister David Cameron looked as rosy fingered as Dawn. This is VE day, and the chatter was that Brown resembled one of those Japanese fighters who emerge from the bushes on a Pacific island decades after the fight is won and launch a rictus-grin charge at a coachload of holidaymakers waddling in for a scuba class. There he is armed with bit of paper that says he has not been voted to be Prime Minister twice. Any more of this and the Americans will be forced to invade…


Picture 1 of 17

(from left) Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, central London for the national service of commemoration to mark the 65th anniversary of VE Day.

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Goodluck Jonathan Sworn In As Nigerian President

DAVID Cameron and Gordon Brown, we have news from Nigeria where the country’s President Umaru Yar’Adua, who died Thursday at just 58, has been replaced by Goodluck Jonathan.

Nominative determinism at work…

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Bigotgate The Opera: Brown Is Gone On Thursday

BIGOTGATE is an opera – in a cafe. BIGOT: Brown Is Gone On Thursday. “Permanent Link to Bigotgate The Opera”…

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The Best And Weirdest Election Pictures: A Gallery

THE election has been a pretty turgid affair. The highlights have been Gordon Brown calling Gillian Duffy a bigot, Nick Clegg remembering everyone’s first name in the entire country, David Cameron not wearing a top hat and tails in public. The media have spent the entire time guessing what will happen and how many people will even bother to vote. But the pictures were good. Some were brilliant. Look through our library of the best images of the election campaign. Enjoy them all.


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Election In Photos: Manish Sood Damns Gordon Brown And Other Tactics

MANISH Sood, the Labour Party’s candidate for North West Norfolk, says Gordon Brown is the worst Prime Minister Britain has ever had” (via). Bookies Paddy Power , never ones to miss a bit of PR, have projected the face of Conservative Leader David Cameron onto the Houses of Parliament and began paying out on a Conservative win.

In other news, the Financial Times has come out in support of the Conservatives. The only thing that can stop the Tories is tactical voting. The Daily Mirror calls for it. Ed Balls wants it. So, we’re all agreed – vote David Cameron and get rid of Gordon Brown…


Picture 1 of 11

Prime Minister Gordon Brown shares a plate of chips with businessman Duncan Bannatyne (right) in a fish and chip shop in Great Yarmouth.

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Election Pictures: Gordon Brown Prays, Nick Clegg Bores And David Cameron’s Whipped Hair

GORDON Brown is not on the cover of the Daily Mirror. He is ready to be expunged. Win or lose Gordon is out. Although the grin – that grin! – will linger. Not long until the big vote. Nick Celgg was boring on a train. David Cameron was whipping up his hair in the south west. Vote now and vote often. We bring you the best election pictures of May 2, 2010.


Picture 1 of 26

Prime Minister Gordon Brown visits the Church of the New Testament in Streatham, London, for a Sunday service.

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Gordon Brown Orders A Miracle: Election in Pictures

THE Election in pictures: it’s the Bank Holiday and Gordon Brown is wearing his god on his sleeve. Nick Clegg is showing off his fit wife – who is, sportingly, dressed as a clown. David Cameron is trying to look relaxed. Julian Borthwick heckled in tweed. And we are taking pictures:


Picture 1 of 26

Prime Minister Gordon Brown visits the Church of the New Testament in Streatham, London, for a Sunday service.

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Gordon Brown Heckler Thrown Out, Media Rejoices

IN Sunderland, a heckler is heckling Gordon Brown. This is what hecklers do. If Gordon Brown had had a good put down prepared he could have looked cool and in control. Instead he just keeps talking as the man is marched off to the gulag – or interview suite. The media love it. All cameras on the man in the crowd. We’ve heard Gordon Brown before. He’s only the Prime Minister – although not one anybody elected to the job…


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Election In Pictures: LOL Cleggz Meets Scare Blair

DAVID Cameron, Gordon Brown or Nick Clegg. Anorak presenets the election in pictures. After viewing these fine images of the lads on the hustings – and do enjoy the shot of Tony Blair’s return – see Nick Clegg’s LOL Cleggz Gallery: I Iz Awsum:

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