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Gordon Brown Embraces Cheryl Bradley’s 20 Stone Ass

fat-assCHERYL Bradley has a backside that weighs 20 stone. And – yes – it is in proportion to the rest of her. Cheryl weighs 38 stone.

In Closer, Cheryl shows us her 10ft “elephant bum”. Cheryl’s backside earns her 80,000 a year, keeping the rest of her in buns. Says she:

“I was mocked because of my size, but now I’m having the last laugh – all thanks to my beautiful elephant ass.”

Elephants might well complain of prejudice. Where is their money? Where is their feature in Closer magazine? If you want to see huge elephantine arse, find an elephant and ask it to give you a twirl.

Cheryl has five children – Dimmy, Brent, Monika, Aaron and Portia.

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Posted: 29th, September 2009 | In: Strange But True | Comment