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Gordon Smart ‘Stole’ My Tweet: Sun Journalist Caught Out On Twitter

THE Chile Miners sensation is a chance to see how journalism works and how desperate the tabloids are to remain relevant in the face of electronic media.  The Sun’s Gordon Smart – the paper’s showbiz hack – will take your tweets and then seem to pass them off as his own.

One week on from the Sun’s TV editor Lucy Connelly taking our story about X Factor singer Katie Waissell’s link to BMG records and Sharon Osbourne and sticking it on the tabloid’s front page without a single mention of Anorak– and, yep, she called and said that she would – Gordon Smart seems to have stolen a man’s Tweet.

READ: How The X Factor And Sony BMG Fixed It For Katie Waissel, aka Katie Vogel

On the redpassion thread, ‘fezbob’ writes:

What is it with journos and robbing stuff from me? I sent a comment to the Sun’s showbiz editor Gordon Smart on Twitter to ask him a question, next thing I know he’s nicked my jokes about Kriss Akabusi going down there!

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Noel Fielding’s Ghost Haunts Never Mind The Buzzcocks

7784999THE trailers for BBC music panel show Never Mind the Buzzcocks features a person who looks not a lot unlike The Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding – the Noel Fielding of whom the Sun’s Gordon Smart wrote:

Noel Fielding has been axed as team captain on the next series of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. The Clown Prince had been signed up as a regular on the long-running BBC comedy panel show. But when details of his drug taking emerged over the weekend, Beeb top brass withdrew the offer – Gordon Smart (August 17, 2009)

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Russell Brand’s Twisted Knickers

7643907RUSSELL Brand is currently in New York. And the Sun spots him entering the city’s Agent Provocateur knicker and snicker emporium.

Anorak was sent the pictures of this event, which we bring to you in a gallery hereunder. And on them we saw a man in a shop; a man leaving a shop; a shop assistant leaving shop holding what appears to be the man’s receipt.

No news here. Move on. Only the Sun’s Gordon Smart (a product of anti-nominative determinism) has space to fill.

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Michael Jackson Is A Damned ‘Sicko Freak’

A girl carries a sign referring to the death of Michael Jackson during the 2009 Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, Somerset.MICHAEL Jackson Watch: As macrabre and damning show, a living saint and all other views…


You got two for the price of one if you attended Michael Jackson’s spectacular dog-and-pony show yesterday — a memorial as dignified as a Vegas lounge-lizard act combined with the entertainment value of a carnival freak show.

How soon one forgets, given the opportunity to participate in this mass hysteria. From the accolades, prayers and cries of grief, you’d think you were witnessing the death of a saint, not an accused serial pedophile who hated the skin in which he lived.

Gordon Smart (The Sun): “Read Bizarre editor’s damning verdict”

Tasteful stuff.

This wasn’t a memorial for a pop icon or the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen.

It was a reminder of why MICHAEL JACKSON became a deeply unhappy, lonely man living an utterly bizarre existence.

It was a macabre circus.

Paris didn’t look comfortable and more importantly, capable, of doing it… I just couldn’t believe my eyes… Having said that, her few words were deeply touching, bringing a tear to the eye.

So a deeply touching macabre circus featuring a grieving young girl who wasn’t capable but, er, was.

Andrew Gumbel (The Guardian): “Michael Jackson memorial: Showbiz, schmaltz and not a trace of Wacko”

They came not to lay Michael Jackson to rest so much as to ease him gently into a warm bath of adulation, hyperbole and showbiz razzle-dazzle tinged with more than a hint of religious symbolism.

The Jackson celebrated today at the downtown Los Angeles Staples Centre in a two-hour extravaganza of song, sermonising and tears was very far from the headline-grabbing, lawsuit-happy eccentric with the multiple plastic surgeries, the sporadic addiction to painkillers and the endless gossip about prepubescent boys.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Tells All About Night With Paris Hilton

winky-and-wonkyIN “Ron: I had a ball with Paris”, Sun readers learn of Cristiano Ronaldo, for it is he, and Paris Hilton, for it ever she, and, “Winker spills the beans on hotel tryst.”

Pictures in summer attire of hot pants and boob tube, Ronaldo beckons us inwards and whispers into Gordon Smart’s ear:

“She was a really cool girl and we had a great time talking.”

So, Gordon, what did he say?

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Danielle Lloyd Jumped On By Hoodie

danielle-lloyd2GORDON Smart – the Sun’s in-house estate agent- showbiz PR hybrid – is dwelling on hard-to-like Danielle Lloyd’s “brush with disaster” and how it “provided the inspiration for a spectacularly ill-advised brainwave from a sportswear firm trying to make a few quid”.

Given that Smart’s Bizarre column is a glorified puff piece for the music and telly industries , this PR shocker must be really shocking.

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Lily Allen Watch: Girls Aloud Pale, Huq On Clinton And Madonna Splits

LILY Allen Watch: Anorak’s look at the day’s top/ most pointless celebrity news stories…

Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts looks even paler than usual – after a terrifying rollercoaster ride” – Gordon Smart, The Sun

Jeremy Clarkson

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Gordon Smart’s Gets Outside Madonna And Guy Ritchie’s Divorce

GORDON Smart’s the Sun’s gossipy estate agent boasted in October 2008 that he had the skinny on Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s divorce:

Sun Showbiz Editor Gordon’s inside view: But a game of emotional chess is beginning to unravel — and there are worrying signs this one is shaping up to get dirty.

In November, the divorce was granted, and we learnt:

In a sworn statement the court heard Madonna and Ritchie had not lived at the same address for six months but that Ritchie’s behaviour was continuing.

Ooops! Smart missed that one. Here’s some more inside news during that six months:

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Oasis Hit The Stars

GORDON Smart, Oasis PR man and Sun columnist, make use of the asterisk in a piece on Noel Gallagher.

Oasis are planning a tour, and of late the Sun has been full of stories about Noel saying this one is a ***, another one is ***-**** and so-and-so is a complete **** ****p** *ll***g.

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Lily Allen Stands Near A Man

LILY Allen News Of The Day: I stood near a man.

“It’s good to see this tall, dark, handsome stranger is putting some sunshine back into Lily Allen’s life… And that’s something for all of us to smile about” – Gordon Smart, The Sun

More Lily Allen news tomorrow…

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Lily Allen’s Colonic Irrigation

LILY Allen News Of The Day: Lily’s arse

LILY Allen has booked herself in for a session of colonic irrigation this afternoon” – Gordon Smart, The Sun

More Lily Allen news tomorrow…


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Celebrity News Of The Day: Vernon Kaye Is Not Dead:

GORDON Smart, the celebrity hack styled to look like a suburban estate agent – thus combining two despised professions in one body – brings news that Vernon Kaye is not dead.

Smart says a “sad act with nothing better to do” wrote on tall TV presenter Kaye’s Wikipedia page of a tragic accident. Ah, Wikiepdia, where celebrity journalits look to for news.

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Gordon Smart’s Celebrity Pies

GORDON Smart is the Sun’s celebrity PR-in-residence. Says Smart:

“Pies are the new sushi, if you ask me”

More celebrity puff pastries tomorrow…

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