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How space changes time

IN space, time moves at a different pace. Jesse McDougall explains:

There are a few dozen GPS satellites floating high above the Earth. Each satellite carries an atomic clock that, when on Earth, is perfectly precise and in sync with Earth time. However, when lifted to the less dense gravity of the upper atmosphere, the satellites’ atomic clocks speed up. Were an observer to fly up to one of these satellites and watch the on-board atomic clock, he would see no difference in the length of a second. It would still be that familiar tick, tick, tick of Earth seconds. At that level of gravity, he, too, would be moving faster through time and would therefore see one second to be one plain old second. But, from here on the Earth’s surface and from within our denser gravitational field, we can see that the seconds pass a little more quickly on the satellites.

Time is slowed by heavy gravity. Just as it’s easier to swim through outer space, than it is through the atmosphere, than it is through water, than it is through rock, time moves more quickly through less dense gravity. Time passes more slowly on Jupiter than it does here on Earth. And, as the impatient clocks on the Mars rover prove, time passes more quickly on Mars due to its lighter gravitational pull.

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Japanese tourists follow SatNav tips and try driving to an island

SAT NAV Disaster Story of The Day features three Japanese tourists who followed their car’s instructions and ended up in the waters of Moreton Bay, Australia.

The trio were heading to North Stradbroke Island. But tides and poor GPS advice caused their Hyundai Getz to get stuck 500 metres into the bay. The Sat Nav omitted to highlight the 15 kilometres of water and mud between the mainland and the island.

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Dallas Hospital Patient Says Medics Stitched GPS Tracking Device Into His Armpit: Sues

MICHAEL Woolman says that medics at Dallas’ Baylor Medical Center removed his tonsils, cleaned his sinuses and stuffed a tracking device in his armpit. He wants justice. The Dallas Observer publishes his self-written complaint:

I was in ,”The Room after ,surgery& I needed ,to go to the bathroom .
I got up and a nurse assisted me to ,the bathroom.
I was going to the bathroom and , I finished.
All a sudden ,My cloth started falling off, I tried to pull ,my cloths up and ,,
My arm pit was bloody, Well I thought nothing of it, at the time.
Well , I came in for a since & noise surgery,? Why is my arm pit bloody ??????
Now after ,knowing ,what Bryan LGH was doing IS
Trying a new way to track people,
By inserting a GPS Device in people, Illegally.

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