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’15 Things I’ve learned from Chris Heath’s remarkable interview with Quincy Jones’

Quincy Jones’s interview in GQ magazine in gangbusters. John Lewis distills the glory in “15 Things I’ve learned from Chris Heath’s remarkable interview with Quincy Jones”:


quincy jones dong rats



1. Aged 84, Quincy Jones has 22 girlfriends around the world, who are all aware of each other.
2. He claims to speak 26 languages.
3. He seems confident that he will live until the age of 120.
4. He watched his mother being carted off in a straitjacket to a mental hospital.
5. He and his brother were forced to catch and eat rats as children.
6. He used to buy dope from Malcolm X when he stayed in Detroit.
7. He watched Ray Charles injecting heroin into his balls (that’s Ray Charles’s balls, not Quincy Jones’s).
8. He was very angry when Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee, Bubbles, bit his baby daughter Rashida. He also saw Michael Jackson’s boa constrictor eat a parrot.
9. His lunch companions have included Pablo Picasso (“he was fucked up with absinthe all the time”) and Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl (“she told me everyone in the Third Reich was on cocaine”).
10. He was due to be at Sharon Tate’s house on the night of the Charles Manson murders, but forgot to go.
11. He still wears a ring given to him by Frank Sinatra, bearing the Sinatra family crest from Sicily.
12. Barack and Michelle Obama came round his house in 2008 and spent six hours trying to convince Quincy to shift his support in the Democratic primaries from Hilary Clinton to Obama.
13. As a guest of the Pope in 1999, he was impressed by the pontiff’s footwear. John Paul II overheard Quincy as he remarked: “Oh, my man’s got some pimp shoes on.”
14. He stays at Bono’s castle when he’s in Ireland (“cos Scotland and Ireland are so racist it’s frightening”).
15. He is a good cook. “I cook gumbo that’ll make you slap your grandmother.”

And that’s not to mention the stuff about Prince, and Marlon Brando, and Marilyn Monroe, and Tupac Shakur, and Nat King Cole, and the Dominican playboy Portfirio Rubirosa (“What a guy: 11-inch dong”).

Read it all.

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Tony Blair Won GQ Philanthropist of the Year Because He’s A Thin, Long-Limbed Beauty



TONY Blair has been named ‘Philanthropist of the Year’ at the GQ Men Of The Year awards. The Independent says the “announcement which drew a collective bemused gasp across the internet”. GQ, for those of you not in the know, stands for Gentleman’s Quarterly.  It does not stand for Giant Queef.

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Naked Lana Del Rey beats off Boris Johnson

THE GQ Men of the Year awards 2012 featured 21 winners. One was a women. Her name: Lana Del Rey. Who appears naked on the post-awards issue? Any guesses…?

PS – Of the other winners, surely a naked Boris Johnson would sell more magazines that pouting Del Ray. (Unless you are one of the many to have seen zippy in the buff already.)


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The GQ Men of the Year Awards 2012: Photos, red trousers and tinfoil hats

TO the GQ Man of the Year awards 2012. We took photos of the lads and the liggers. We also wondered how you can be a Legend of The Year? Legends last just 12 months? Sir Tom Jones won that gong. Louis Smith said lookatmyfuckingredtrousers. Aaron Sorkin wore Shane Warne’s hair. Lots of Olympians arrived. Grace Jones was fabulous. Mo Farah did Robbie Williams’s tinfoil hat. And Bradley Wiggins looked, well, cool…


Picture 1 of 28

Mo Farah with Icon Of The Year Robbie Williams at the 2012 GQ Men Of The Year Awards at the Royal Opera House, Bow Street, London

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GQ Men Of The Year Award Winners 2011 In Photos

SAD to say Old Mr Anorak did not win the GQ Man of The Year Award, what with there being no Patron of The Year, his chances were diminished. As GQ supremo Dylan Jones tells us: “If I wanted to give an award to the man who has down the most to improve Anglo-Latvian relations in a basement club setting it would be Old Mr Anorak every time.”


Picture 1 of 10

Tinie Tempah with the Solo Artist of the Year award, presented by Kylie Minogue, at the 2011 GQ Men of the Year Awards at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London.

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GQ Men Of The Year Awards Are All About The Women (In Photos)

THE GQ Men of The Year Awards are about one thing: women. Marc Ronson’s hair shone like a big ear bud (used). JLS would have looked good had it not been for member Ortise Williams confusing the do with a school disco. And Top Shop boss Sir Phillip Green looked like he’d been pured into Wyatt Earp’s clothes and forgotten to say “when”; and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm oozed. They tried to grab the limelight. But the women won.

Daisy Lowe had loegs; Gemma Arterton had legs; Lilly Allen hid her legs beneath a pregnancy burqa; and Holly Valance gave hope to millions of fit birds worried that they may never find a shorter man with lots of money to love…

The Winners:

The Red Carpet:


Picture 1 of 16

Mark Ronson at the 2010 GQ Men of the Year Awards at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London.

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Zac Efron Offers Fans Million Dollar Prize

ZAC Efron, teen star of teen movies, teen Vogue cover girl and the kind of boy men in double-breasted suits buy skinny jeans for  – think a startled David Cassidy dipped in bronzer – counters rumours that he wears fake eyelashes by telling GQ Magazine:

“If somebody can find my photo that shows me wearing false eyelashes. I will give them a fucking million dollars.That’s bullshit.”

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