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Devon abolishes the apostrophe – sticklers for good English take their markers

apostrophe devon

MID-Devon District Council has abolished the apostrophe from all new street names. This will “avoid potential confusion”. It does not say who might be confused.

Tiverton’s Beck’s Square and Blundell’s Avenue, and Cullompton’s St George’s Well were “all named many, many years ago”, and can retain their apostrophes. But new street names will not feature the grammar. 

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Posted: 16th, March 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment (1)

Count the grammatical errors in Arizona teacher’s letter!

TEACHERS eh? We all know better than those idiots don’t we? We’ve met children and they’re idiots. So teachers have it easy, because they can tell them anything OR they’re to blame for children being a stupid as they are. And they get loads of holidays.

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