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Adele to lose weight to ‘Sex Up Imagine’ Or, ‘Becomes Less Real’

CURVY women are a very modern construct. They like to tell you that they’re ‘real women’. Not like those thinner women we’ve been imagining all along. Of course, ‘real women’ like to point at other ‘real women’ who are in the public eye and crow about how marvellously talented and real they are.

One such woman is Adele who, oddly, is obviously image-obsessed because she won’t stop talking about how she doesn’t care about image.

That is, until now. That’s because Adele has lost 25lbs in a bid to ‘sex up her image’. She even tweeted a picture of herself that showed a slimmer face and leaner torso. Does that mean she’s becoming less real and wandering ever closer to ‘imaginary’. Either way, there’ll be some quarters who will chide her for her decision, again underlining how grimly  hypocritical some of the ‘curves’ brigade are when they say that people shouldn’t care about the way someone else looks.

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Posted: 6th, January 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comments (6)