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Election In Pictures: Brought To You By The Sun’s Nuclear Cabbie

SO much for the Mirror’s bedraggled chicken, given the bird by David Cameron. The Sun has its own pet, a Cabbie called Grant Davis, who tells readers that Nick Clegg’s aide left some notes in the back of a taxi. And wonders:

“But would his aide leave codes for nuclear missiles in the back of a taxi too?”

Dunno, Grant. The question might be: Could a Cabbie be relied upon not to end the world?

In any case, the LibDems want to get rid of nuclear weapons. So unless the codes are in French, we have nothing to fear…


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Conservative Party leader David Cameron after making a speech at the Palace Hotel in Torquay, Devon, as part of the election campaign ahead of polling day on May 6.

Posted: 22nd, April 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment