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How To Create A Great Facebook Page – According To Facebook

I THOUGHT I knew pretty much everything about how Facebook works – I promote a couple of blogs off there and have probably spent months of my life on the site.. – but I’ve just been to a workshop about promoting sites and businesses at Facebook HQ London, and guess what, turns out I didn’t know everything.

Head of International Business Development, Christian Hernandez Gallando, took us through all the basics, but there was a bunch of more pro tips mixed in. I pasted the ones that surprised me below.

I’m skipping the basics, because I assume you all know how to set up a page. Here then are 10 tips on optimising how your use Facebook, from Facebook.

1) Like/Recommend button: and which one to choose
These work in exactly the same way but Facebook introduced “Recommend” as a variation on “Like” after feedback from news sites.. who found that readers didn’t want to “like” on stories about war or natural disaster, but would “recommend” them.
So – if you’re a news site, or publish serious/negative content, consider the “recommend” option.

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Posted: 19th, October 2010 | In: Technology | Comment (1)