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Where in hell do you want the Greenland mining pollution then, Greenpeace?

FROM the annals of really pig ignorant stupid environmentalism, we bring you a Greenpeace expert:

Jon Burgwald, an Arctic expert at Greenpeace, said that mining operations can bring pollution and destruction: “There could be some very harsh environmental consequences.”

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Watch The World Melting With An Ilulissat Web Cam

WANT to watch the world melting before your very eyes? Live! Then tuen into the Ilulissat ice cap webcam:

A new webcam set up in Ilulissat will allow the world to watch as global warming eats away at Greenland’s ice cap.

The webcam is set up near the Ice Fjord, a Unesco World Heritage Site. The Ilulissat Glacier, which empties into the fjord, is the world’s most active glacier. The glacier moves along at a pace of 22 metres per day and dumps a constant flow of ice into the fjord”.

It’s the EastEnders of global warming…


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