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Climate Sceptics Vote BNP And UKIP

climate-kopsRICHARD North looks at how the BNP wants to talk about more than race – and their views on it are odious – and talk about global warming and how the science is biased and the BBC’s representation of that science utterly devoid of balance and circumspection.

Before we get to that interview, know that the UKIP manifesto runs:

UK Independence believes that global warming is a recognisable phenomenon, but that there is insufficient proof that this is generated by carbon emissions. The over-reaction by other parties to global warming borders on the hysterical and risks damaging Britain’s economy and its people’s way of life.

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NEC Climate Cops Love Carbon Ball

GREETING, Climate Cops,

Japan’s NEC brings you carbon-conscious – “a fun and friendly way to keep tabs on their energy consumption, as well as that of their neighbors”.

While NPower snoops on your parents, NEC spies on the rest.

Developed in conjunction with major Internet provider BIGLOBE, the service — called “Carbon Diet” — includes an easy-to-install wifi-enabled device that attaches to the home circuit breaker and measures power consumption via electric current sensors. The collected data is then periodically transferred to the home computer using a ZigBee wireless link and sent to an online server for processing.

Users can log on to the Carbon Diet website to check their daily and hourly energy consumption and see how they rank in comparison with other participating households.

Break their light bulbs! Banish the sun, bringer of daymares!

Users can also see how their monthly carbon footprint compares with the same month of the previous year. Based on the degree to which users actually reduce their carbon emissions, they are awarded “eco-points” that can be exchanged for virtual soil, water, flowers and grass in a nature restoration simulation game.

Participants can also view their progress in the form of a game called “Carbon Ball,” which features dung beetle avatars in a “carbon ball” rolling contest. The distance each household’s dung beetle travels is based on how successful they are in reducing power consumption. The game is designed to instill a sense of competition to keep users motivated and focused on reducing energy consumption.

Dung. Carbon. Cung Poo?

For now, the three-month trial service is being conducted in the homes of 100 NEC employees. After the trial, NEC and BIGLOBE will work with Ex Corporation (an urban and environmental planning and consulting firm) to analyze the data and develop business models for local governments and the private sector. The company is aiming for sales of 2 billion yen ($20 million) over the next 3 years.


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Britney Spears Records Earth Hour Song

EARTH Hour is nearly upon us. At 8.30pm, we will go back to the future by turning off the lights and as the Daily Mail front-page headline says, taking our chances in this “COUNTRY OF ANGER AND FEAR”.

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Plane Stupid Greenshirts Look To The Cold And Grey Skies

AS the Plane Stupid Greenshirts forbid everyone from flying on orders of ze Mozzer Nature, news from Poznan.

Australian Conservation Foundation head Don Henry speaks on the perils of global warming from the Poznan conference to stop global warming, which can be reached by foot and leap frog:

IT’S cold and grey in Poznan and progress towards international action on climate change seems as slow as the Warta River flowing through the city.

Plane very, very stupid

Stupid V Crusty: The Heathrow Airport Intifada
Monsoons For Morons: Plane Stupid Protest Against Freedom At Heathrow
Plane Stupid Smoking On Parliament

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