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How To Drop A Huge Douglas Fir Tree Between Two Buildings

HOW do you cut a very tall tree in a very tight space. Scott Augur  explains:

“I walked around this thing with a plumb bob. I got back at various angles and looked at it. There was no limb weight to one side or the other. It was just, if you were going to try to shoot a tree between two buildings with five inches of clearance on both sides, this would be the tree to use,” he said.

Measure twice, cut once.


Posted: 1st, July 2014 | In: Reviews | Comment

A model train spotter unboxes a Hornby BR Blue Class 50 Diesel Locomotive

VIDEO of the day: the unboxing of a Hornby BR Blue Class 50 Diesel Locomotive. Number 50013 is called “Agincourt”. Behold! The true anorak at play:

Posted: 2nd, October 2012 | In: The Consumer | Comment (1)