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Ekaterina Lisina has the wold’s longest legs

“So excited when I got this title,” says former jockey basketball player Ekaterina Lisina, 29. The Russian is the woman with the world’s longest Legs – 52 inches long (each!).

“What is good about having the World’s Longest Legs?” she asks in a question that turns out not to be forlorn but rhetorical. “First of all, longs legs is really, really beautiful. That’s my opinion. The second thing is that it’s very prestigious. I can walk much faster than other people and I think a lot of men really like long legs.”

Walking faster than average and being pursued by men. Make the connection. She’s living the dream.



Spotter: Guinness



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Guinness Was Once The Nazi Beer Of Choice: Black Beer For Black Shirts (The Posters)

ONCE upon a time, Guinness was gut fuhrer Nazi boys and girls. The drinks brand marketed the black brew to the black shirts with the slogan:

 “Es ist Zeit für ein Guinneß!”

nazi guinness

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Christy Moore signs a song for Arthur Guinness Day and Diageo’s alco-pops training programme

Arthur_Guinness day

HAPPY Arthur’s Day.

Ireland’s love affair with pub and pint is sparking national soul-searching as never before because of an unofficial holiday dreamed up by Guinness owner’s Diageo. Today’s celebrations of Arthur’s Day, honouring the 18th-century founder of Ireland’s quintessential drink, feature surprise musical performances in 815 pubs and clubs across Ireland as well as concerts worldwide from Malaysia to Jamaica.

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Mawkish or magnificent: the Guinness advert of basketball on wheelchairs

MAWKISH or magnificent? The Guinness advert running on wheelchairs in the US might surprise you:

Spotter: Copyranter

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Guinness St Patrick’s Day advert says whistling is ok

FOR those of you unsettled by current whistling legislation, know that this Guinness advert for St Patrick’s Day shows that it’s is ok for men to whistle at other men. So long as there is drink involved:

Copyranter notes:

It’s like a Monty Python skit, without the CRAZY (though I love those skits, too). Round up your mates—wonderful. That sheep dog is a hero! Are you watching, Miller Lite? This is how to do “Man Up” without banging men over the head with an idiot hammer.

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Junrey Balawing Is Guinness’s Little Man By The Big Coca Cola Bottle

JUNREY Balawing mask his 18th birthday and coincidentally the Philippines’ Independence Day by being declared the world’s smallest man. He measures 23.5 inches high (59.93 centimetres). But how do you show the folks at home and the nationalist that your man is so very small? Well, Guinness stand him next to lots of…Coca Cola bottles. And don’t you become a man – a real man – at 39, or when Jeremy Kyle says so..?


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Junrey Balawing, center, blows a candle as he celebrates his 18th birthday after being declared 'the world's shortest living man' by the Guinness World Records adjudicator Craig Glenday in ceremony at Sindangan Municipal Hall, Sindangan township, Zamboanga Del Norte province in Southern Philippines, Sunday June 12, 2011 which is coincidentally the Philippines' Independence Day. Balawing was officially declared 'the world's shortest living man' with a measurement of 23.5 inches (59.93 centimeters) dislodging Nepal's Khagendra Thapa Magar with a measurement of 26.4 inches. Behind is Balawing's sister Giselle.(AP Photo/Bullit Marquez)

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Guinness Tankers Relieve Water Shortage In Dublin

NO water in Dublin. Send for the Guinness. AGW writes:

THE Big Freeze and thaw which has gripped then released western Europe in the last three weeks has crippled Dublin’s water supply. The Irish capital has had city-wide bursts and there is an acute water shortage.

The largest water-user in Ireland, Guinness has stepped in and its tankers are delivering water to estates in the city.

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Guinness Factory Burns to Produce A New Drink: In Pictures

A FIRE breaks out at the Guinness plant in Dublin’s Victoria Quay. It is understood the blaze broke out when building materials being used by workmen to repair a felt roof with a torch caught fire. Burning things is, of course, how Guinness was discovered. With every disaster an opportunity looms to push the Guinness myth. It’s not a fire, it’s a Papal pall of smoke to signify a new divine beer. Guinness wants you to take it seriously. It’s not just black, theme beer. If you stare at the smoke you can see thundering horses and men with washboard stomachs hewing canyons from barren earth…


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The scene at the iconic Guinness plant in Dublin city centre where up to six fire units contained the blaze at Victoria Quay.

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