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BP Gulf Judge Martin Feldman’s Oil Stocks

THE BP oil is still spilling in to the Gulf of Mexio. Obama is looking at matters in Afghanistan. Obama’s sacked General Stanley McChrystal for talking to Rolling Stone magazine before Michelle and the kidzz got their photo montage and cover. But the press is looking at Judge Martin Feldman. Tim Worstall looks too:

The judge who overturned deepwater drilling bans allowing BP to resume oilTransocean and other firms in the industry, it was revealed today.

Yesterday, a Louisiana-based judge Martin Feldman ruled that Barack Obama’s six-month drilling moratorium in the Gulf was unjustified because it assumed that all deepwater drilling was as dangerous as BP’s.

The White House promised an immediate appeal.

Meanwhile environmental groups have said Feldman’s ruling may have to be rescinded because of the possible conflict of interests.

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Gulf Hole Plug: Barack Obama Assures Malia He’s Using Golf Balls As Fast As He Can

MALIA Obama knocks on Barack Obama’s door of a night and asks him she he’s gonna plug the hole that destroying the oceans. Daddy looks thoughtful, chucks her chin and assures her that he’s using golf balls and tyres as fast as he can.

“When I woke up this morning and I’m shaving, and Malia knocks on my bathroom door and she says — did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?”

Malia then asks daddy when he’s going to ban the bomb. And Obama looks thoughtful, chucks her under the chin and…

Gulf Oil Spill: Hopes Raised As Millions Of Sea Sponges Swim In

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Gulf Oil Spill: Hopes Raised As Millions Of Sea Sponges Swim In

THE oil industry is so high tech. BP is looking to plug the leak in the Gulf with mud, golf balls, rope and scraps of rubber tire. And flags.

The hope is that French flags can be sued to mop up all the oily stuff. As we says it is high tech and well beyond our levels of understanding.

The flags might do – until the huge roll of Bounty kitchen roll is ready, or the sponges attack…

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