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In Pictures: Gumball Rally 3000 Hits New York: Faisal Shahzad Gutted

THE Gumball 3000 rally rolled into New York, having jetted into from Stockholm. We saw the carnival of wealth leave London (pictures). Then it reached Vermont, having driven around the world by, er, plane. Xzibit squeezed his eyes into a slat and gave the race two points. Jodie Kidd showed that you don’t have to very rich to have brilliant car, but it might help you fill it up. Julie and Maximillian Cooper looked the part. Jenny and Vincent Ferraiuolo got married at the end of the rally. And Faisal Shahzad wonders why he didn’t wait a few days and trade in his SUV for something with a bit more bang for your buck….


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Jodie Kidd is seen with her car that took part in the Gumball 3000 rally are seen at the finishing point in Time Square in New York.

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Gumball 3000 Rally In Pictures: A Carnival Of Wealth

THE Gumball 3000 rally kicked off in London. The rich, famous, rich, sort-of-famous, rich and did we mention the rich all drive their cars from London to New York. The Iceland volcano will not win. Well, not really. You drive to Stockholm and then get a plane to Boston. Jade Jagger’s Jezebel was on the starting grid in Pall Mall. Also there was organiser Maximillion Cooper, Xzibit, Eve Jihan Jeffers, Michael Madsen and… Did we mention loads rich kids in expensive cars?


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Jade Jagger (left) and Eve before the start of the Gumball 3000 Rally, which finishes in New York on the 7th May, on the Mall in London.

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