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Vogue loses Gwen Stefani’s head in photoshop horror

VOGUE magazine employed Carlos Rodriguez to style Gwen Stafani for the Jan 2013 cover shot:

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Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale – Next stop, Splitsville!

EVERYONE kinda fancies Gwen Stefani don’t they? Even though she’s got a weird nose and makes pretty awful music. She’s definitely gone from annoying alt.rock gal to bona fide pin-up. Well, the sad thing for all onanists is that she’s been married with children and generally dropped off the radar, leaving us with people like Ke$ha instead, who is like a million nails on a blackboard, while chewing wool.

However, we might be seeing more of Gwen as, reportedly, she’s about to split up with derivative grunge bozo Gavin Rossdale!

After a decade-long marriage a source told Star magazine: “They have a roller coaster relationship, and right now it has flown off the tracks,” adding, “They’re fighting nonstop.”

So, what’s the cause of this scrapping? Is it something to do with Rossdale contributing nothing to the family coffers since the late ’90s? Apparently not. It’s his past AND Gwen’s success.

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Lady Gaga Is Not Madonna’s Camel: She Also Looks Like Kylie, Britney And Christina

LADY Gaga is pilloried for being Madonna’s cameal – a popstar formed by committee. But the criticism is unfair: Lady Gaga has also adopted the looks of Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Grace Jones and Britney Spears. It is all done with a massive sense of self-awareness, of course. Gaga would not more pass off an old look as her own as she would bash out a Euro pop number entitled Alejandro that sounds a lot like an Ace Of Base track, which in turn was not overly different to Aswad’s Don’t Turn Around


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